Better Than Last Week…..Sim Update!

The MX-5’s are at Lime Rock again this week and this time they are running with the Chicane.  I have been having a really hard time with getting through these races cleanly lately and this race was no exception.  I was practicing well, I qualified in 4th position and I was hit on the first turn.  The 6th place car tried to split everyone on the start, I gave him room through the turn but he was going in too hot and he hit me.  That spun me out and I just stayed out of the way until the field passed.  That put me in 10th and in catch up mode.  The rest of this race was quite enjoyable!  I raced my way up through the field to finish in my starting position.  There was just not enough time to catch the lead cars, but I was gaining on them!  oh well, if I have time I may try this again later in the week!

The Skip Barber cars were at Oulton Park this week.  I’ve only run this track once and it was in a different configuration so this time it was pretty much brand new to me.  Therefore, the 15 minutes of practice that I got was insufficient.  I ended up being the 13 car and finished there as well.  I was running pretty clean laps until the end where I started worrying too much about my finishing position and paying too much attention to guys catching me from the back and not in hitting my marks.  This caused me to lose 2 more spots towards the end of the race that I probably could have kept if I would have just kept racing.  I need to focus more on my driving.

I ran the Skip Barber car again because I kind of liked that track and layout.  This time I just hoped right into the race and qualified in 5th.  Unfortunately I was the 2 car, at least I might be able to compete with these guys.  I managed to get up to 3rd in the beginning and then go passed a couple of laps later to put me back in forth.  Then 2nd and 3rd took themselves out and I was up in 2nd.  The 1st place car was 20 seconds ahead so no one was catching him.  I was then passed again and relegated to 3rd.  I’m ok with 3rd.

The Blancpain series this week was at Interlagos.  Like I’ve said in earlier posts, I’ve been practicing with the Audi and running laps but not really getting the races in.  This time, I ran the practice laps and got the race in.  I was the 11 car in a 16 car field and with my troubles in the GT3 races, I was assuming that I was not going to do that well.  I managed to run a very clean race and ended up with only a 1x and that was while racing another car for position.  It was quite fun running behind the BMW for awhile and racing against him.  We were both very clean and I got the 1x because of an off track while trying to see around him.  He short pitted and I ran the car out.  I took a lot less fuel and ended up finishing 13th, so I made up 3 positions in the race, probably in the pits.  Pit strategy can be a part of racing!

I love running the Nascar cars on road courses!  I think it is so much fun!  This week the Xfinity cars were at Mid-Ohio and it was a blast!  These cars are really fast in a straight line but if you have to turn them, they need to slow down so the driving skill required of these cars on the road courses is immense.  I qualified 4th ast the 13 car in this race and raced pretty well.  I was up in 3rd for a couple of laps before falling back to 6th place where I finished.  That is not a bad race for me in a B-Series Iracing race while being the 13 car.  There was only one split and I was in with a bunch of 2000+ irated drivers.  I even held one off at the end to keep my position!  As long as I focus on driving and not holding my position, I do ok.

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