Arnott GMC Air Suspension Review

I’ve purchased and installed the GMC Arnott Air Bags in my GMC Envoy a few months ago (It has literally been years now) and they have been awesome! The original air suspension had been sagging every morning when I went out to my car, but once the car was started up the air pump had power, the air bags would inflate and everything would be fine.  I decided that the air bags were the problem; I ordered a set of the Arnott Air bags.  

Designed as a direct replacement product, the Arnott GMC Air Springs are a step above the original equipment air spring.  With a more heavy duty design, the Arnott spring appears that it will last longer and provide a long, trouble free, cushy ride for years to come.  The Arnott GMC Air Springs also come with a limited lifetime warranty for those of you who are worried that they will not meet your standards.

When I first pulled the Arnott Air Springs out of the box they looked kind of strange to me and I didn’t think that they would work properly. They were almost a perfect cylinder in shape, with a slight taper to the lower side.  The original equipment air springs that were still in the truck were inflated and had a “bubble” on the upper side towards the bottom of the truck, frame side.  Due to the difference in appearance, I was slightly worried that they would not work. 

The GMC Arnott Air Bags were shipped with installation instructions and all the necessary hardware to make the installation seamless.  Any do-it-yourself mechanic should have no problem handling the installation of these air bags, even if you’ve never done any work to a car before, if you follow those instructions, you can probably accomplish this job.

When I installed them, and they became fully inflated, I could see how my initial reaction to the shape of them was uncalled for. When the air springs were fully inflated, they actually looked like the big rig air bags. They seem much more robust and heavy duty compared to the original equipment air bags that came on the Envoy.  Over the years, this has proven to be true, since the Arnott Air Springs have now been in my truck for a longer time and more miles than the OEM air suspension.  My Envoy now has 223k and these Air Springs show no signs of sagging!

They have been in the truck for a couple of months (I obviously wrote the review a couple of years ago, they’ve been in the truck for years) and I have had no trouble with them.  Ride quality is as good if not better than the original equipment and the installation was simple and straight forward.  I would recommend these for anyone looking to repair or replace their air suspension in their GMC Envoy.   In hindsight, I cannot recommend these enough, don’t even bother with the OEM replacement, go straight for these.  I believe that they are cheaper and of better quality than the GM units.

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