Applying Vinyl To Your Car

So you have some vinyl lettering that you want to put on your car.  You see the custom cars with the lettering on the windows and the “stickers” on the sides and now you want to put something on your car as well.  Your car is pretty nice so you don’t really want to put stickers on it, so vinyl is the way to go.  You can get custom vinyl made to say whatever it is that you want, whether its advertising (like what I did) or just a message to your fellow drivers, the below post will show you how easy it is to apply and get that custom message on your car!

As with everything, you are going to need some supplies.  First, go and get that vinyl lettering so that your car has an awesome message!

Next you will need some Windex, or glass cleaner of your choice, an empty spray bottle that you will fill with water, and some paper towels. 

You will also need a device, squeegee or other tool, to remove the air bubbles from the freshly applied vinyl.

First off, clean that window the best that you can.  If you are applying the vinyl to the painted surface of your car, you will want to remove any wax that is on the surface and clean it thoroughly.  Vinyl will not adhere well to waxed surfaces.  You can use an automotive wax remover for this task. Make sure you get something that will not damage the paint!

Clean The Area You Want To Put The Vinyl

Fill up the empty spray bottle with some clean water.  You will spray the water in the area that you want to apply the vinyl.  This will allow you to move the vinyl around a bit in case you put it on crooked or in a bad way.  Make sure to keep that surface wet.

Keep The Area Wet

Now you will peel the backing off of the vinyl.  If your vinyl is very intricate, you will need to be careful to not break any of the letters/intricacies that are there.  As you can see in the picture, the vinyl lettering was very intricate and hard to get on the window in one piece.  Peeling the backing off was not really the hard part, but you needed to be careful.

Peel The Backing Off, This One Was On The Front Window

Next you will put the vinyl on the surface you are applying it to.  Make sure that you get it straight, and then start the process of getting the water out.  Pull the paper backing off of the surface, but keep the vinyl on.  This is what I found to be the most difficult part.  In the posted video, you can see that I messed up the first time and then got it right.  It seems you want to get the air out while pulling the backing off, at least that is how I was able to pull it off.  There may be other ways to get this done, but this is how I did it and it worked out well.

Rear Window, Finished Product

Not the greatest video, but you can see what was involved:

The front window was done second and was much harder due to all the smaller pieces.  You really needed to use a combination of pulling the backing off and pushing the vinyl down.  As you get the vinyl down, then you make sure the air bubbles and water are removed.  Keeping the surface wet really helped.

Front Window, Finished Product

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