Andretti Karting Review

Andretti KartingAndretti Karting in Rosewell GA was an awesome experience.  I was down there with a co-worker taking training classes for my profession.  These classes ended up getting out very early in the afternoon and we were left looking for things to do.  I found this on the last day of my stay in Georgia and thank god I did.  I would have been there every day otherwise spending all my money on racing!  Not that it would have been a bad thing, but I have other goals that need to get met before spending all my cash on leisure time karting.

Andretti Karting Track PicI thoroughly enjoy driving fast.  When I can go as fast as I can I get into a zone of complete euphoria, I just feel like there is nothing else that matters when I am driving one of these karts.  I’m sure I would get the same feeling on a racetrack, in a real car, where police and other obstacles are not an issue.  I’ve never driven this track before or even these karts, I usually will go to Pole Position in Jersey City to get my racing fix but those karts are electric where as these were gas.  I think I liked the gas ones better!  Before getting started, I took a quick look at the local’s times that were getting posted.  I figured that they were locals because they seemed to be on the track for awhile and were pretty friendly with the staff.  They may have just been customers, but the fastest time around the track was 31.xx seconds.  I’m pretty competitive so I just wanted a benchmark.

Andretti Karting Track Pic 2Then my co-worker starts mouthing off, just for fun, stating that I’m going down and he’s going to take me down.  I had no idea what kind of driver he was so I just rolled with it and let him think he was going to win.  He gets in the kart in front of me and we wait for our turn to go.  We had a group of four and I started dead last.  In my head that was fine since I always like the actual race the best and I figured I would get a chance to do a little with our group of four.  I was wrong.  These karts are pretty fast and the people I was running with were very intimidated by the power the karts put out.  I was not, and I proceeded to go for the fastest time that I could.

Andretti Karting Track Layout 1/2015

Turn 1 was a very long narrow sweeper that you could, if you hit it right, keep your foot in it all the way through.  You would just need to slam on the brakes as soon as you got the kart straightened out to make it around turn 2.  I would usually try to go flat out through turn 1 and then start sliding the kart to get it to turn into turn 2.  Once the kart was facing the right way, you could accelerate a little towards turn 3.  I found that I needed to lift before the turn to get a good line through 4 and 5 which would be full throttle turns.  I would then have to lift again to get the kart turning into 6.  A little bit of gas and I would pull the slide trick again to get around turn 7.  Full throttle down the straight with a small lift right before turn 8 to get the kart settled to go full throttle through 8, 9, and 10.  I believe that the kart was almost at top speed at this point and the slide trick was pulled again on turn 11.  Only this time the slide was quite long and the turn quite sharp.  I never was really able to get a good line through 11 and 12 but I would accelerate a little towards turn 12 and lift to get around the turn, then I would be on the gas again to try for another run.

I managed to pass my co-worker 4 times in the 10 minute session that we were running.  I was also 3 seconds a lap faster than the fastest time in the group before us.  I thought that was pretty good.  3 seconds is a lot when it’s only a 30 second lap!  I’m sure with some coaching, discipline, and practice I could have gone even faster.  The slide trick in reality was probably slowing me down, but it was a lot of fun!  If I had another good driver to follow I could probably improve quite a bit, but for the first time on that track, I thought I did pretty good.  Of course, I could just be jaded due to the lack of quality drivers on site…..

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