An Awesome Week 12 – First Road Course Win!

I only was able to run one race for week 11 so I have put it in with the Week 12 update.  I ran the Production Car Challenge at Lime Rock Park, with Chicane!

Week 11

It’s  Saturday morning and I just started the races for the week.  I decided to run the Production Car Challenge this morning and did pretty good.  After looking at the results after the race was done I should have done good because the Strength of Field was around 1000.  After practicing for about 20 minutes and doing pretty good, I jumped into the race and qualified 8th out of 11 cars.  I really need to practice more!  Anyway, I started ok  but was taken out in the first lap by someone who went off track, came back up, and decided I was in his way.  He spun me out which put me another position down in 9th by the time I came across the line.  I was definitely faster than the two guys in front of me at this point and I followed them around for a couple of laps until they took each other out which allowed me to move up.  Eventually I moved all the way up to third to finish on the podium.  I love that chicane!  Takes a lot of people out!

Week 12 of Season 4 2016!  I decided to start with the Spec Racer Ford race at summit point.  I jumped in the practice session and was surprisingly fast right out the gate.  I guess since it’s been awhile since I have raced in this series, or at least I think it’s been awhile, I felt I would not do so well.  But I was surprisingly fast and I ended up qualifying 7th out of 10……  This was due to the hairpin after the high speed right hander catching me both times on the 2 qualifying laps.  It didn’t seem to matter, I ended up in 3rd by the end of the first lap!  That is my best showing in this car yet.  I gained another position by the end of lap 2 and I was in 1st thinking I could possibly win this thing but then the leader started pulling away and I was left in 2nd battling with the number 2 car.  We went at it most of the race and then I caught up to some lapped traffic and he ended up spinning in front of me allowing the 2 car to get right on my bumper.  I held him off for a little while but he eventually got by me and I could not catch him.  I think my car may have gotten damaged when I hit that lapped car.  Oh well, I’ll take 3rd in the SRF!

Here are my results for the Spec Racer Ford Series:



Another good outing for week 12!  I finally won a road race!  I took first place in the Production Car Challenge at Daytona!  That was completely awesome!  I qualified 2nd and fell immediately to third but first and second were battling and one of them spun in the chicane and that left me and another car out front by about  7 seconds.  We exchanged the lead a few times using the draft and I just happened to be in the better position at the end to win the race!  It was awesome fun, a little nerve racking, but a lot of fun!



Here are my results for the Production Car Challenge Series:



Got the last race in for the week.  I ran the Advanced Legends Cup at Lanier speedway and did ok.  I am not too great in these cars but I gave it a go.  I don’t really know what it is about them I just can’t seem to get the hang of them.  I managed a 6th place finish in this race and that’s ok but I got lapped by the leaders and am quite a bit off the pace for them.  There was one incident that I was almost a victim of but other than that it was a clean race and it went well.

And last but not least, the results for the Advanced Legends Cup…..Kinda least…..



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