Am I An Oval Racer?

First race of the week, after being completely disappointed from running the Kart and not doing so well due to mechanical issues, I am back to sim racing.  The first race of the week was at Interlagos in the Skip Barber Formula 2000.  There were 40+ drivers registered and I was the 14th fastest in my practice session.  That made me the 5 car in my race and I qualified right where I should.  The race was pretty uneventful, the front guy took off, the 2nd and 3rd place cars battled for most of the race, I was the 4th place car for awhile but eventually got passed near the end because I was trying new lines to try and catch the leaders.  This ended up with me falling behind and getting passed for forth.  I tried to catch him at the end but just wasn’t close enough.

I got the K&N series in this week.  The cars were running at Kansas Motor Speedway and I was able to get around 15 minutes of practice in.  There were 70+ racers registered for this race and I was 14th fastest.  I was the 1 car in my split and I ended up qualifying in 9th.  This was not too bad but I still needed to make my way to the front.  According to Iracing, I should win this race!  I did pretty well in this race and managed to actually race my way up to 4th position.  Passing cars on track and making up positions.  I saved my tires as best I could but ended up using them all up by lap 25, where I started to slow.  That was ok, I was able to hand on to my 4th place position.  I continue to have decent success at the ovals…..

Keeping with the stock car racing and ran the Street Stock at Lanier.  I ran about 50 laps of practice and I was able to keep my lap times in the 15 second range.  I felt that it was pretty good and went into the race feeling pretty confident.  After qualifying, I was really confident and I was starting in the 2nd position, unfortunately, this put me on the outside and everyone hung me out to dry and I moved back to 5th within the first few laps because I could not get to the bottom.  I was having no trouble keeping up and was running right up there with the leaders until I was taken out by another car hitting me into the wall.  He claimed it was his monitor freezing but it was the second time he did it to me so I doubt it.  This now put me a lap down and in 13th position.  Not a place I wanted to be in!  I did not pit for new tires or anything an I stayed out knowing that I could run 15 second laps all day, plus I did not want to lose anymore track position.  The guy who took me out then took someone else out and that resolved any issues that I may have had with him.  Maybe he lost focus knowing I was coming up behind him.  I managed to race my way backup to 11th and was up with the leaders when they wrecked and allowed me to have the lucky dog!  This had me start at the end of the longest line in 11th with 2 laps to go.  Everyone got really aggressive in those two laps, including myself, and the two cars in front of me spun out and allowed me to move up to 8th position.  Not too bad considering I went a lap down and was wrecked.  Maybe I am an oval racer….

Ran the Blancpain Sprint Series at the Twin Ring Motegi track, this was a night race and it was the first one of those that I’ve run.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to run it or not so I ran a couple of practice laps and thought that since I was able to keep the car on the track that I would continue and run the race.  I was the 9 car and qualified there.  This race was completely uneventful and all drivers were skilled and there were no wrecks.  I had a couple of off tracks but that was better than wrecking.  I finished 9th in this race, right where my car number said I would.

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