944 Rear Wiper Delete

I have switched gears a little bit in my life so doing a ton of track days in my 1987 Porsche 944 is probably not going to happen.  Instead of just maintaining the mechanics of the car, I have decided to make it look as good as possible.  One of the improvements I have decided to do was to remove the rear windshield wiper.

Paragon Products sells a rear windshield wiper delete kit on their website.  I purchased this kit and after installing it, realized that it was a complete rip off.  You can probably purchase all the things you need to make this yourself in home depot or another hardware store.  If you want an absolutely pristine finished product, you can go with this kit, but for the price you can probably make one yourself that looks almost as good for a fraction of the cost.

This is what came in the kit.  A half dome piece with the bolt, two rubber grommets, a giant washer, and a bolt.  Just measure the hole after removing the wiper motor and make one yourself.

Anyway, putting this kit in is super easy.  I think this took about 10 minutes, and that was with taking the pictures.  Follow the below instructions to install this kit, pretty much just remove the rear wiper motor.

After opening the rear hatch, take the plastic cover off of the windshield wiper motor.  I was able to get this off by popping the top of it off first and then removing the rest.  Squeezing the plastic together made it pop easier, kind of like one of those plastic Easter eggs….

I had already removed the electrical connectors on the motor before taking this picture.  But you just need to pull off the connectors that are on the motor.  If you are replacing the motor, be mindful of which order they were in!

I actually think that I did this backwards, but it worked out so I’m leaving it this way.  Remove the 3 10mm bolts that are holding the wiper motor to the mounting plate.  I think this whole unit can be removed intact but taking the motor off first lessens the chance of breaking anything.

Remove the plastic cover over the outside of the windshield wiper.  This cover is hiding the bolt that will allow you to remove the actual wiper.

Remove the 10mm bolt that is holding the wiper on and remove the wiper.

Remove the next rubber grommet from the windshield wiper assembly. This will reveal another large bolt.

This large bolt will need to be removed in order to remove the motor from the car.  I did not get the size of the bolt for this because I was able to loosen it by hand!  While loosening this bolt, make sure you are holding the actual motor because this is the only thing holding the motor in at this point. 

Once you remove the bolt, the motor should come right out leaving just the mounting plate.  Of course there are some rubber grommets in the way and a washer or two, but the bolt should now slide through the windshield.

The mounting plate should also be loose at this point, it is only being held in by two metal bars sticking out the back of it.  You will need to slide the bracket forward out of the two holes in the hatch that are designed for it.  One of the bars on mine was rusted in so I needed to work with it to get it out.  It eventually broke it.  Since I was not replacing, I was not worried, but you would not need to remove the bracket if you were replacing anyway.

Metal Bars on mounting plate

Installation of the delete kit was super easy, grommets in the middle, dome on the outside, washer and bolt on the inside.  Tighten down the bolt so that it is snug and wonder at how much better that looks!

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