Replacing a Porsche 944 Battery

I have not been driving the Porsche much lately.  There has been some home repairs that needed to be done and the weather was not too great so it’s been sitting in front of my house for the last couple of months.  I’ve moved it a handful of times and every time it seemed it was getting harder and harder to start.  Finally the car would not start, it was an exceptionally cold day and the car would just not crank over.  This was the tell tale sign of a bad battery.

I went and purchased a battery for the car, and put it in.  This resolved the issue and the car was running just as well as before.  Below is the procedure for replacing the battery.

Replacing the battery in the Porsche 944 is a very simple job requiring minimal tools and talent.  All you need is a 13mm open ended (or closed) wrench and a 17mm socket and ratchet with an extension.

My local auto parts store only carried the Autocraft brand of batteries so I purchased it from them so that I could get my car running again. 

First you pop the hood; the hinge is on the driver’s side down near the dead pedal.  Pop the hood!

The battery is located on the passenger side of the car up near the window.  It is very easy to see and access.

If there is any battery acid or gook on the terminals I would recommend wearing a pair of gloves or some other kind of protection on your skin.  I’ve touched this stuff before but you shouldn’t. 

Loosen the terminal bolts on the two batter posts with a 13mm wrench.  You don’t need to remove them completely, just loosen them enough to be able to pull them off the posts.

Remove the two terminals off the posts.

There is a batter tie down that holds the battery in place that will need to be removed.  This is located on the engine side of the battery down on the bottom of the battery.

You will need to remove the 17mm bolt that is holding this in place and secure. 

Once this is removed, you will be able to slide the batter towards the center of the car and lift it up and out of the vehicle.

Now would be a good time to clean out any debris that has become trapped down underneath and around the battery.  Use a Shopvac to vacuum up all that dirt that is under there.

Now is also a good time to clean up those battery terminals as well.  If there was any acid on them it would be prudent to remove it before connecting the new battery.  In the past I have used a wire brush to remove all the acid or crud and then vacuumed it up. 

Now you can put the new battery back in, remember how you took it out, you will put it in towards the center of the car a little bit and then slide it back so that the lip is holding it down.  Then replace the tie down that you removed and tighten the bolt. 

Good job! 

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