2020 NJ RV&Camping Show Review

Let me start off by saying, if you like camping and maybe a little bit of dreaming, that this was a great way to spend the afternoon with your family.  Kids under 12 are free and it is $10 per person for adults.  This event was put on by Good Sam and was mostly an RV show but also had quite a bit of camping information as you first walked in.

To start off, right as you walked in, there were a couple of large sized rooms that were filled with vendors of all types.  Some of them were just for campgrounds and such and promoting their locations.  Others were all about new products and selling them to you.  To my surprise, there were quite a bit of food vendors on location selling hot sauce, beef sticks, and all kinds of edible stuff.  I guess it is all to make your camping trip as cozy as possible.

There were tons of free brochures available for campsites all over the country, but for this show it was heavily northeast centered.  We grabbed a whole bunch of brochures for all the campsites in the Northeast since that is where we live!

We then made our way to the main event, the RV show!  There were a surprising amount of RV’s put into this convention center.  It was about 6 rows of double RV’s that were about 10 deep depending on the size of the vehicle that you were looking at.

They had all types as well, they had small trailers (nothing too small though, 17’ was the smallest trailer that they had), fifth wheel trailers, Class C motor homes, some Class B, and of course the monster Class A’s.

Some of these things are just ridiculous, pure luxury on wheels!  Those Class A’s are definitely built for living in full time but I cannot imagine having to drive that thing around all the time.  Of course that is not what they are designed for.  They are designed to pull your car behind, find a luxurious campsites, and live there for a while as you explore your surroundings.

Then they had a quite large array of Class C’s of various sizes.  They are all pretty much the same but you get more privacy in the sleeping arrangements the larger you go.  That seems to be a theme with all of the RV’s.  We originally thought that this is what we wanted going into the show and were kind of shopping for one, but as we thought more about it, we would have to break camp every time we needed to go to the store or wanted to go out to eat.  For us, that doesn’t really cut it.

This led us to shopping for a trailer.  On the surface this seems like a cheaper option, but you forget about needing a truck to pull it with.  If you already own a truck, you’re all set, if not you will need to factor that in.  So the price is still a little cheaper than a class C, even with the truck (you can buy a used truck), but you have the ability to go out with the truck once you have set up camp.  We actually found a smaller trailer that would suite us quite nicely, truck shopping here I come!

They did have some very nice fifth wheel trailers, but they are heavy and require a much larger truck.  To me that is not what camping is really about so a smaller trailer is on my radar.  Of course if you were living in it full time, you would probably want more amenities.  We are minimalists so less is more. 

Overall, this was a surprisingly good RV show.  Lots of inventory on display and plenty of sales people if you were so inclined, however they were not very pushy.  It was a lot bigger than I expected for an indoor event and would recommend hitting this event in the future if you are ever wanting to check out some RV’s.

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