2020 Great Oaks PA RV Show Review

The 2020 Great Oaks RV show was held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center out in Great Oaks PA.  This show was a bit larger than the one we went to in Edison but was also held indoors.  The venue was comfortable and kids under 12 were free.  Entry for the show was $11 for adults. 

The show was filled pretty much wall to wall with RV’s.  As many as they could fit in there they put in there, the “hallway’s” created by the RV’s were narrow and there were a lot of people there.  There was quite the wide range of RV’s as well; they had tons of everything, Class A’s, Class B’s, and Class C’s.  They also had tons of travel trailers (what we are interested in), there were toy haulers, and some little “novelty” trailers that were not on display in Edison.

This show was good for us in the way that we were able to narrow down the size of the trailer that we liked as well as the layout.  For us, we’ve decided that a smaller trailer would be ideal.  We could store it in our driveway, pull it with something smaller, and still be able to sleep all of us.

The layout that we ended up liking was one with single bunks in the back of the trailer for the kids and a queen size bed in the front.  This layout lacks privacy for the adults, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience of having the trailer in your driveway pretty much ready to go at any moment.

A couple of things that I don’t know or should have looked into are the power options for the trailers.  After coming home from the show and shopping online, I realized that most of the smaller trailers do not have generators.  This is not really a deal breaker, but the fridge needs power (I think this is via propane) and I would want to confirm that this is the case.  I’m sure that it is since the unit that I was looking at also had heat and AC which were most likely powered by propane as well.  Of course I could be wrong and those items could be powered by campground electric, which we would want anyway.

The first unit we liked was the Rockwood GeoPro 20BHS.  It was a small 20 footer with the single bunks and queen bed as stated above.  It was a single axle trailer, not really what I was looking for but not a big deal with the size of the unit.

We like the RV Vibe 21BH, we learned that the BH stands for Bunk House while at the Edison show, a nice couple let us know and that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  The Vibe was a little larger, but not by much and it had full size bunks with a Murphy bed up front that made it quite livable and spacious.  It also has the dual axle which I like a lot. 

The Passport 17BH was also one we liked.  It was a little small but that is really what we are looking for.  A small camper that we can store in the driveway that will sleep the four of us, it has the single bunks for the kids and a queen size bed for us, plus the ability to cook inside if needed.  This is really just for sleeping and shelter if the weather gets bad.

There was a retro unit that we liked, it had the same layout as the one’s we were looking at but it was pricy because of the décor.

Overall this was a very pleasant experience and this show really showed the wide range of RV’s that are available out there.  If you are looking for one, I would definitely recommend hitting this one next year.  It was pretty large and the range of RV’s on display was abundant.  It definitely helped us narrow down the RV’s that we would want to purchase, if we actually do it.

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