2017 Season 4 Week 2 – Sim Racing

I don’t want to slack on my racing.  I had missed the entire week 1 and am already regretting it.  No practice and not racing.  I did not like it.  So i’m starting this week early and getting the GT3 cars in now.  It’s Tuesday night and the Blancpain Series is at COTA.  I ran a bunch of laps in a private practice session and then decided that i could race clean enough to actually run a race.  I was right, i only spun twice in the entire 40 minute run.  I qualified 16th as the 12 car and finished 15th.  That’s not bad because the first spin out was in the beginning where i was shuffled all the way to the back.  I then raced my way back up to 15th out of 22.  If i could only run fast while maintaining control in this car that would be great.  Practice, practice, practice.

The next race i ran was the Xfinity series at Kentucky motor speedway.  I ran a couple of laps of practice the other day and decided that was good enough so i hoped in this race with very little practice.  I qualified in 12th position and finished there.  I was running pretty good laps but during one of the longer green flag runs I ran down a little low trying to save tires and get a good run off the corner but hit the flat part of the track and started spinning.  This caused me to hit the wall and spin down to the lower part of the track.  I did not hit anyone so called for a tow.  This put me a couple of laps down and i was now back in 12th where i started, and finished.

The third race was the Advanced Mazda Cup at Summit Point.  It was run on the full corse so I really like this one.  There were 23 cars registered and we all ran together.  I was the 11 car and i qualified in 13th position.  The start of this race was a complete disaster, the 17 car was a wrecking ball and the 18 car hit my right rear on turn 1 in the 2nd lap.  He had a good run but he didn’t need to take me out.  I was able to keep going but the car was damaged and slow.  I was trying to keep up eith the 2 guys i let pass and in trying to do so with the damaged car i spun out and had to wait for the feild to pass to get going again.  That put me all the way in the back.  I did manage to fight my way back up through the feild to finish in 15th.  Considering that crappy start i guess i’ll take it.

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