2017 Season 4 Week 11 – Sim Update

Starting this week off in the Xfinity Camaro, the race is at Richmond and I have not run this track yet.  At least I have not run it in the Xfinity car.  I took quite a few laps of practice and was having a hard time keeping the car straight.  I kept spinning out trying to get a good run off the corner.

The race was next and it did not go well.  I started off slow, had someone bump me in the rear and then  I went into a massive slide.  I guess this melted my rear tires (or not, I could just suck) because a few laps later I lost control and ended up in the wall.  I took a tow and that put me at least 1 lap down if not two.  Afterwards there were many cautions and I got the lucky dog twice, in an attempt to gain my laps back I was ducking into the pits and catching the back of the field.  On one of those attempts I accidentally passed a car that was on pit lane (I think) and I got black flagged.  I needed to serve that penalty under green and that pretty much ruined the rest of the race.  I ran till the end and actually finished 14th, due to other cars wrecking out.

I had a little bit of free time around Thanksgiving and I noticed that there was an official Spec Racer Ford race on.  I jumped in it!  I like the SRF, especially after driving the Audi so much.  You can really throw that car around and steer with the throttle.  It’s a lot of fun.  Practice went pretty well.

The race was ok, the top guys in the class were running way faster than me but I managed a decent qualifying position.  I was the 2 car but in the bottom splits I don’t get low number cars.  I’ll start getting them if I don’t start driving better.  At the start I’m not that aggressive because I don’t want to wreck.  I let a few people go who were really getting on it so I just let them by.  This dropped me back to 11th.  These people then wrecked and I was racing with the 1 car for 6th when I made a huge mistake and dropped the car into 1st gear on a low speed turn.  This sent the back end around and I lost that battle, Unfortunate because I was in front.  Then the 7th place car caught and passed me.  I was gaining back up to him when I made another mistake and cut the course, jumping the curb, and spinning out.  Oh well, the 7th place guy crashed and I got that position back but no after losing Irating and SR!

I ran a few laps in the Audi at Mount Panorama.  What an amazing course, technical and super fast.  All the corners seem to be blind and you just kind of need to know where the track is going.  After running multiple cars here I kind of know the track.  However, the Audi is a handful here but I managed a 2:08 lap which I thought was pretty good.  Unfortunately, it was 1 of 2 laps that I managed to get clean.

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