2017 Season 3 Week 7 – Sim Update!

It’s late Saturday afternoon and I decided to try and get a race in.  I practice with the Mazda at the Phoenix road course for awhile and I was not the fastest in the room.  I then went to qualifying and I qualified 8th as the 4 car.  I had an excellent race!  I raced my way up through the field to have a chance at the win at the end.  Unfortunately, the top 4 drivers were bunched up together and I was going for it.  I was full throttle heading towards the last turn onto the superspeedway and I lost the back end.  I probably should have lifted but I was going for it.  I wanted the win!  Even with the spin, I was still able to walk away with a 5th place finish.  Not too bad for the Mazda.

Next up was the Skip Barber series running at Silverstone.  I rand a whole bunch of practice laps at this track before jumping in the official practice session.  I was feeling pretty fast until I got in with the guys that I would be racing with, then I felt slow.  I got to the qualifying session and found myself way back in 10th position.  The start of the race is always pretty crazy, some people take off lke crazy, some don’t get going fast enough, and so for the first lap or so I try and just maintain some margin of safety around me.  Especially since my A license is in jeopardy, my SR is below 2.0!  So the race went well and I managed to race my way up to mid pack, there was a really good battle between me, 4th and 5th.  We went back and forth and swapped positions multiple times.  At the end I attempted to make the pass for 5th but was unable to and actually lost a position with a racer making a really good move to pass me by, fully taking advantage of the battle that we were having.  All in all it was a great race and tons of fun!

So I’ve been practicing a lot with the Audi, I haven’t really been racing it too much because I’m not really that good in it, but I’ve been practicing none the less.  I practiced Mid-Ohio a lot this week and decided to actually run a race.  The fact that I actually had time to do it was also a deciding factor.  There were only 11 cars registered and I was the 9 car.  I just thought if I ran a clean race an made it to the finish I would be ok.  So that was my game plan and the race was completely clean until the end where I made a bad decision letting the leaders go by.  I should have just gotten to the straight and moved out of the way there instead of in the most difficult turn on the track.  Oh well, live and learn.  I managed to pull off an 8th place finish.  I gained 1 position.

I then jumped directly into the Xfinity race.  No practice, no nothing.  This race went pretty good for me all the way until the end.  I was going for as many positions as I could get!  Anyway, I was running in 6th and just lost it being overly aggressive.  The back end came around and I saved it, ran along the bottom of the track and got on without incident.  Then on the next lap I lost it again and slammed into the wall.  I still finished in the top 10 and came away with positive irating.  Should have been a top 5 though!

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