2017 Season 3 Week 13

I decided to run the Week 13 Global Mazda Cup again.  I managed to just squeeze in the first race of the week at Lime Rock.  I practiced pretty well and ended up as the 2 car in the race.  However, I did not qualify very well and ended up in the back of the pack in 13th.  The race was pretty uneventful and I managed to race my way up to 5th position, could have had 4th but I made a mistake on the fast sweeper that allowed the car behind me to pass.  I’ll take 5th

Next up was Charlotte.  I really like this track, maybe because I have a lot of practice at it.  The MX-5’s run here a lot.  Practice went well but again, Qualifying was not so great.  I ended up qualifying 8th as the 6 car.  Not the end of the world but I usually do better in the Mazda.  The race was a lot of fun and I made my way up to 3rd where I finished.  Kevin had a really good run off the last turn and was able to slingshot by us and take the win.  It was a very clean and fun race.

The next race was at Okayama International raceway, I hoped in with no practice and ended up being the 17 car in an 18 car field.  The Grip TV car was in front of me to start the race; we were both way in the back after qualifying.  The race was pretty good and I managed to make my way up to 13th, that’s not too bad for being the 17 car.  If I was more aggressive I probably could have finished higher but I did not was to ruin my safety rating.  I was not so much faster than the guys in front of me to make it around and get away from them.

The fourth race of the week was at Summit Point, the full circuit.  I actually like this track a lot and am pretty fast there in the MX-5.  I was 1st in my practice session and then I was placed in a split where I was the 6 car.  I qualified 5th and started the race dropping positions.  This is a really tough track and it’s easy to lose control of the car.  I was passed by two guys in the beginning but I let them go.  This was a wise move because one of them was very impatient and took out both of them.  This put me up to 4th.  I then was catching up to 2nd and 3rd while they were battling and the 3rd place guy lost control and I took the position.  That is where I finished the race.

Oh Well, my work schedule got in the way and I was unable to get the 5th race in, so I’m now at the 6th race which is Summit Point, the Jefferson circuit.  I am not so good at this track and my track record here is not stellar either.  Today was no exception, I entered the race with a little bit of practice and ended up qualifying 11th as the 13 car.  This was the top split so that was not too bad.  I was trying to be patient in the beginning to let the field sort itself out but was taken out by the 16 car that grew too impatient and pit maneuvered me.  This destroyed my car and I needed to pit for repairs.  After repairs I was able to hang with the field but I was a lap down.  This could have been better.

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