2017 Buick Enclave Tune Up

As stated in this post from back in the day, I am a stickler for maintenance on a vehicle.  Religious oil changes and regular maintenance I feel is the key to longevity in a motor vehicle.  Just look at my Envoy which just turned 200k, not an astronomical amount of miles but I won’t hesitate to drive it anywhere!

Now onto my wife’s new car, a 2017 Buick Enclave, which is now due for its 60k maintenance as scheduled by me!  For the 60k on a newer model car, I just change out the spark plugs as well as the air filter.  There is just not too much more that is needed….New cars are pretty easy to maintain. You can also follow this guide for the Chevy Traverse and GMC Acadia.

To change the plugs on the Buick Enclave, you first need to remove the oil cap.  What?  You say remove the oil cap?  Yup, remove the oil cap.

Remove It!

Then pop off the big fancy plastic cover on the motor.  There are 4 prongs that hold it on and you can just pop it off.

Remove the plastic cover that says 3.6 VVT

Then put the oil cap back on so you don’t get any dirt or substances in the engine.

I did the plugs in the back first because I thought that they would be more difficult, they were a little hard to get to but completely doable.  The location of them (approximate) is below.

Here is the location of the front spark plugs, these actually ended up being harder to do than the backs.  The backs were just farther away.

To change out the spark plug, first remove the electrical connector.  To do this, you want to pull out the tan plastic piece (or whatever color it is on your car).

Slide the Tan Piece back

Then push down on the black clip and pull the connector off the coil pack, you will hear it click when it releases.

Next you will want to remove the 10mm bolt that is holding the coil pack in place over the spark plug.

I believe on the first one, farthest to the left, that you can pull the coil straight up off the spark plug.  You may need to finagle the coil pack a little bit but you can get it off.

The second one is a little harder and I needed to remove the bracket that was holding some electrical wires across the top of the motor.  After removing that bolt, I was able to move the wires enough to get the coil out.

Remove this bolt to give some slack.

The last one also caused an issue; It was easiest to just remove the EVAP part that is blocking the coil and then pull the coil out.  Just remove the 10mm bolt that is holding it in and pull out the part. 

Unbolt that bolt.
Then slide that part out

Once you have all the plugs replaced, you will need to change out the air filter.  To do so, you will need to remove the air hose that goes from the air box to the throttle body.  Loosen the clamps to the air box, using a flat head screwdriver, and to the throttle body so that you can remove the hose.

Throttle Body Clamp
Air Box Clamp

Remove the electrical connector for the Mass Airflow Sensor.  You just slide out the red part and push down on the clip.

There are 6 torx screws that hold the air box together.  Unscrew them.

Fender Side
Firewall Side, can’t really see that top one but its there!
Engine Side

Once the screws are removed, you should be able to pull the air box cover off so you can access the air filter.

Just drop the new filter in and re-assemble.

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