2017 Buick Enclave Front Brake Job

The Enclave has always had a little shake upon braking ever since we got it.  I’ve rotated the tires a couple of times and looked into the brake calipers and saw that they looked acceptable so I just moved on.  This last time however I discovered that the passenger side brake rotor was completely destroyed on the inside, the brake pad was missing and was down to bare metal, obviously not a good situation and making quite deep grooves in the rotors.  Time to replace those front brakes!

The first thing that needs to happen is to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel that you are removing.  Don’t remove them; just crack them loose while the wheel is on the ground.  It makes it easier later.

Then put your hydraulic jack at a good jack point and lift the wheel off the ground.  I chose to use the body mount as my lift point.

I chose the body mount

Lift the vehicle up enough to get the wheel to come off the ground and remove the lug nuts.  Then remove the wheel. I would also recommend sticking a jack stand underneath the vehicle just to be safe.

Wheel Removed

Once you have the wheel off, the next step is to remove the caliper.  There are two 21mm bolts that hold the caliper on the car.  You will want to remove them.  On the driver’s side I needed to use a breaker bar to get those bolts out but it was not too difficult.

Remove the Caliper Bolts

Lift the caliper off of the brake rotor.  If it is difficult, you can use a flat head screwdriver to pry the caliper and pads off the rotor.  I did not have to resort to this, they came off pretty easy. 

Caliper Removed

Remove the worn out old brake pads.  You may need to rotate them a little bit to allow them to clear the brake hardware.  Once removed, rest the caliper on the control arm so that you do not stretch out the brake lines.

Remove the torx screw that is keeping the rotor on the hub.  This was a little hard to get out and I needed to use a set of channel locks on the end of the torx screwdriver to remove this bolt.  Be careful not to strip it, I have stripped them in the past.

When the screw is removed, use a ball peen hammer to knock off the brake rotor.  Be sure to use the rounded end to do this.  I had to pound it pretty hard to get it to come off but if you keep at it, it will pop off.

Use some brake clean to clean your new rotor.  This will remove the oil that is on the rotor when it is shipped.

Once the new rotor has been cleaned with the brake clean, you can mount the rotor onto the hub.  Just put the screw in and tighten it down. 

Now you need to push the caliper pistons back into their bores.  To do this, you will need a giant C-Clamp.  First take some lube and lube the rubber parts of the caliper pistons.  This will keep them from drying out and ripping.  I just use some grease on the outsides.  Then take one of the old brake pads and put it in front of the bores.  Now, take your C-Clamp and align it so that you are pushing the pistons back into the calipers.  When you can no longer tighten the C-Clamp, you can remove the clamp and the old brake pad.

Some Grease On The Pistons
Position One Of The Old Brake Pads
Use A Large C-Clamp to Push Those Pistons In

The rotor and brake pad kit that I purchased did not come with new brake hardware.  I would recommend replacing the hardware but since I was in the middle of this job when I found out it was missing, I just greased the existing hardware so the new pads would move freely.

Greased Brake Hardware

After either replacing the hardware, or greasing the old hardware, you can put the new brake pads into the caliper.  You may need to manipulate the brake hardware a little bit depending on how your hardware is configured.

I Always Put Some Grease On The Backside of The Pads, It Helps Them Stay In Contact With The Caliper
New Pads Ready To Be Mounted

Now you can just slide the caliper with the new brake pads right over your new rotor.  Line up the bolt holes and replace the 21mm bolts that hold it in place.

All Done!

Now it is simply putting the tire back on and moving to the other side!

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