Monthly Archive:: May 2016

30,000 Mile Maintenance VW Jetta Wolfsburg

I’m a big fan of maintaining my vehicles.  I firmly believe that a well maintained vehicle

IRacing VRS MX-5 Cup Week 9 Lime Rock

This week we are at Lime Rock again.  The first week I started, week 3, we

Kart Race 3 – Englishtown PRD Spec 2016 Race 4

Race 4, I missed Race 3 due to vacation, did not go so well for me. 

IRacing VRS MX-5 Cup – Okayama 2016S2W8

After setting up my trusty Thrustmaster T150 wheel and getting ready to race, the following video

2016 PRD Spec Race 2 – Englishtown NJ

My second real race at Englishtown, I showed up nice and early, before the track opened

VRS MX-5 Cup S2W7 – Pheonix Road Course

I went into this race not knowing this track at all.  I couldn’t even make it

Race 2 Kart Prep

With race 2 quickly approaching, there was some work that I needed and wanted to get