2016 VirtualRacingSchool.com MX-5 Cup – Charlotte

This track gave me a hard time, I liked it but kept running into trouble when racing.  I have the video update with no commentary except for my blurb in the beginning that you can watch below.  The descriptions of the races are also below and the video has the highlights of all of them except for race 3 which was the best one, that one is in full at the end.

This week it’s Charlotte Motor Speedway, the road course.  I didn’t get much practice in before the race but I ended up qualifying 7th for this race.  I’ve never driven this track before so it was pretty hard to learn.  It was a lot of very high speeds on the oval with a sudden slow down to go into the road course section.  This turn bit me quite a lot in practice and in qualifying.  For the most part I was able to figure it out but had some trouble on the transition to the banking.  Spun out there once and crashed pretty good.  This is actually a really fun track that with a little practice I should get pretty good at.

Damn!  It was going so well until it wasn’t!  I qualified 4th and with a great start I was feeling really comfortable on my first lap.  I was keeping up with the leaders and then…..BAM!  I hit the outside wall, I thought I was going to clear it and get a run on the person who just passed me but I did not clear it and pretty much totaled the car.  I was able to get back out on the track and run another couple of laps and just try and get my rhythm for this track down but I once again lost control coming off of the banking and slammed into the inside wall this time.  This required 8+ minutes of repair time which meant I was not going to get back out there.  I lost 53 on my irating and .04 SR.  It looked so good when I first lined up…..

Race 3 was a pretty exciting race.  I qualified 7th and finished 5th.  This doesn’t sound that exciting but I was racing for 3rd with the leaders just ahead going into the last lap.  I made a mistake and broke too late going into turn 1 while trying to pass for 3rd.  This made me go into the grass.  I managed not to hit the wall but I lost two positions during this melee.  Anyway, I gained  20 irating and .12 SR so it was a positive race.

Another disaster race, Qualified 7th and finished 10th.  I ended up losing control going up the banking on lap 3, it’s the first time I lost it there and went up the track and hit the outside wall, usually the car spins around and you go sliding into the inside wall.  Because I went up the track, I ended up getting in someone’s way and colliding with them.  I was able to get the car turned around but it was really damaged.  I did a couple of laps and then the engine blew.  I needed to be towed all the way around the track and wasted a lot of time.  I did get back out for a lap but by then it was all over.  I lost 56 points of irating but gained SR?  I only had the one incident with contact of the outside wall and the one car that crashed into me so I guess that’s why my SR went up.  I really just want to have a clean race.

Race 5 I ran beautifully, right up until the last lap where I had to slow for a slow car, got back up to speed and someone took me out from behind.  I wanted to kill him!  I had ran such a clean race up until that point.  He sent me into the infield of the track so there was no damage but I had to yield time and I had incident points.  I ended up 7th after starting 9th.  I should have finished 5th but that guy ran into me.  Once again I have lost irating, I am now below 1200 which really sucks because I think they start you there.  I have gained SR but at this point it doesn’t really matter.

At this point I am now 1210 in the Championship out of 9444 entrants.  This in itself is not too bad for my rookie season in iracing.  We’ll see what next week brings…..

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