2016 S4 W7 – Sim Update!

Starting in the Advanced Legends Cup again this week, I got a little bit of practice in before the race and was running in the 18’s and even had a few 17’s which showed that I ended up 9th out of 13 guys racing in practice.  This was an improvement for me and I was a little excited that I may end up actually not finishing last in this race.  Well, my wish came true and I ended up finishing 4th.  I would be completely psyched about this if it wasn’t for the face that I was running in a 6 car field.  It was actually an 8 car field but 2 racers dropped out.  So I finished in 4th, 2 ahead of last place.  For awhile there in the beginning I thought I may be able to hang with the front guys but I started making mistakes and they pulled away.  At least I only got lapped once!  I need a lot more practice in this car!

Wow, the 10:45PM Spec Racer Ford race went official with 9 cars at Phillip Island.  I was so surprised.  I was able to get into the practice room with a full half hour practice session to get ready for the race.  I was turning, what I thought, to be pretty good laps when we went to the race room.  I ended up qualifying 8th in a 9 car field.  I am just not that good of a racer yet, but this blog is to show you my journey to becoming the best driver that I can be, whether it is virtual or real.  So I got a little antsy at the start of the race and went in too hot on turn 2 and ended up spinning out.  This was quite unfortunate because now I was all the way in the back and had to make up a significant amount of time.  I figured there was no shot at me catching the front guys but that last guy I had my eyes set on!  So I was pushing as hard as I dared and wham, spun out in the same corner!  Two laps in a row!  Now I’m really far behind and really have to work to catch that last place car.  I managed to keep it together for awhile and catch him and then I spun out trying to pass him!  What a disaster.  Why can’t I just learn to be more patient?  Oh well, he ended up wrecking bad and I was able to get that position.  I also got lucky with another person wrecking and getting that spot as well so I finished in 7th.  Still need lots of practice!  It is fun though!

Last race of the week, it was the Production Car Challenge at Okayama and they were running the full circuit.  I got a good ½ hour of practice in before the race and was doing pretty well.  Qualifying started and I turned some 1:49’s, which was pretty good for me.  This put me in a starting position of 7th.  I started the race and managed to keep the car clean and pretty much hold my position.  I find that I am not aggressive enough because I cannot see the other cars when they are next to me and I am just guessing as to where they are.  This causes me to sometimes lose positions where I may not have otherwise because I do not want to wreck the car and finish last.  The quality of racer is much better in this series than in the pure rookie series and once you give up that position it is much harder to get it back.  I also need to run more consistent laps and not get overwhelmed with driving the mirror trying to avoid the wrecks.  I ended up finishing in 10th position.  The racing was fun but my results are disappointing…..

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