2014 Jeep Wrangler Upper Intake Manifold Removal

I’m making this a single post because there are a few jobs that require that the upper intake manifold be removed.  Instead of re-hashing how to remove the cover I figured that I could just create a post and link to it.  So here it is!

First thing to do is pop the hood!  On the jeep that we were working on, there are two clips on the side that hold it down, undo those and then you will be able to undo the hatch and pop the hood up.  We let the hood rest on the roof for ease of access.

Disconnect the battery.  You will be unplugging lots of electrical connectors and we don’t want to damage any of them.  Use a 10mm socket to loosen the negative battery terminal and remove it from the post.

Remove the plastic cover on the engine.  Just lift up in the front to pop out the holders and un-clip it from the mount in the back.  Put it to the side.  (Maybe even use it for a bolt holder)

The next step is to remove the intake hose.  There are two 10mm bolts that hold it to the radiator support in the front that will need to come out.

Don’t forget to unclip that hose!

Then you will unscrew the flathead screws for the clamps that hold it to the air filter housing and the throttle body.

Throttle Body Clamp
AirBox Clamp

Unplug the Mass Air Flow Sensor from the intake tube.

Remove the intake tube from the vehicle.

Disconnect the Electronics from the Throttle body.

Unplug the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor from the Intake Manifold.

Remove the Vacuum lines as well as the PCV lines from the Upper Intake Manifold.

Take the 3 hoses out of their clips on the passenger side of the manifold.

Remove the bracket that is near the throttle body.  They are all 10mm bolts that are holding it on, remove them all and remove the bracket.

Upper Bracket Bolts
Lower Throttle Body Bracket bolts

Remove the bolts on the bracket to the rear of the driver’s side of the manifold.  Just remove the top bolts.

Loosen the bolts on the bottom of the bracket.  They are 13MM and are a pain to get to, but you need to be able to pull the bracket away from the manifold to remove it.  I tried to get good pictures of where they were but was unable to.  Their approximate locations are below.

I did better than i thought!

There is a bracket that the main computer harness is attached to.  You will want to remove the bolts that are on the top and to the side.  If you can manage to get to the lower ones, good for you, but I just removed the four bolts and lifted the bracket as needed when it was time.  Remove the below four bolts, they are 10mm.

You will want to remove the foam piece that is near the firewall.  There are 2 clips that will need to be popped out and then you will have to remove the bolts that hold those two brackets in.  I forgot to take pictures of the brackets but that is what the clips are connected to.

Location of the clips
Location of the brackets

It is now time to remove the 8mm bolts that are actually holding the upper intake manifold to the lower intake manifold.  There are 8 bolts that need to be removed, I got pictures of most of them, but there is one in the back where the foam piece was that did not come out great.  It is pretty easy to get to though.

Once the bolts are removed (don’t take them all the way out) you should be able to pull the upper intake manifold straight up and off the lower intake manifold.  The throttle body should come with it, be careful and make sure there is nothing that is still connected. 

Installation is the reverse of the removal.

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