2014 Jeep Wrangler Oil Change

Changing the oil on 2014 Jeep Wrangler (JK) is a pretty easy job.  The 3.6L Pentastar engine makes it pretty easy to do this preventative maintenance job.  You will still need some basic tools to perform this job but nothing too out of the ordinary.

What you will need is an oil drain pan, to catch the oil that comes out of the oil pan.  You will need an oil filter, you may be a little taken aback when you purchase it, but it is like a diesel oil filter.  You will need a 13mm socket or open ended wrench as well as a 1″ socket or open ended wrench. I find that sockets are easier to deal with. A funnel will be useful, and you will need some oil; the recommended oil to use is 5W-20.  I would recommend going with the synthetic oil for that extra protection.

The first thing that you will want to do is to remove the oil cap off of the valve cover.  On the jeep It is on the driver’s side and sticking up pretty far.  It’s hard to miss and says “Engine Oil” as well as “5W-20” on it!

This is a Pic for something else, but there it is!

Next you will want to slide your oil drain pan underneath the Jeep.  The good thing about these vehicles is that they are high enough that you don’t need to jack them up to get underneath them.  Just slide the oil drain pan underneath and get ready to drain that oil!

Use a 13mm socket or open ended wrench to loosen the oil drain plug.  Make sure you have the oil drain pan underneath the plug (and possibly slid back a little to catch that first surge) and remove the oil drain plug.  Let the oil drain out.

While the oil is draining you can replace the oil filter.  The oil filter is located on top of the motor in the oil filter housing.  I’m not quite sure of the size, but I used a 1” socket to loosen the cover to the filter.  Be careful!  These parts are plastic and can be easily damaged!  Do not Strip the plastic cover bolt!  Once you have broken the seal it is pretty easy to remove the cover by hand.

Oil Filter Cap
I used a 1″ socket on this

Once you have the cover un-screwed, you can pull the cover off along with the filter.  The filter should come with it. 

To replace the filter, you will pull it out of the cover housing.  It may take a little bit of force, but it is sitting on a round nub on the bottom (top? – Where the bolt is) that lets the filtered oil escape.  Remove the old filter and put the new filter in.

Put the oil filter cover and new filter back in place.  Remember the warning from above, do not use too much force, the housing is plastic and is prone to cracking!

Now that you have replaced the filter, go back under the Jeep and make sure the oil is all drained out.  I usually wait till there is 1 second between drips of the pan.  Then replace the oil pan plug.  Again, not too tight!

Use your funnel and place the end in the oil fill location.  Put the oil in the engine, the jeep JK with the 3.6L Pentastar takes 6 quarts of 5W-20.  When all 6 quarts are in, check the dipstick and make sure it is full.  Oil change is done!

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