2010 VW Jetta Rear Suspension Install

The rear suspension replacement was much easier than the fronts!  As with the fronts, I replaced the springs with Neuspeed race springs and the shocks with Bilstein touring shocks.  I believe that there were 4 bolts in the entire operation.  Easy peasy!

The first order of business is to jack up the car.  The 2010 Volkswagen Jetta has jack points on the back that are easily found by looking for the double re-enforced rail on the bottom of the car.  This is where you should put your jack.

2010 VW Jetta Rear Jack Point

Remove the rear wheel on the side that you are working on.  It is easy to remove the little plastic pieces and loosen the lugs while the car is on the ground, and then jack the car up and finish the removal.

Pop out the plastic lug nut covers

Pop out the plastic lug nut covers

2010 Jetta Loosen Lugs

As always, find a spot to put the jack stand.  For this job, you will want the jack stand to be out of the way of the lower control arm, you will be swinging the arm down to remove the spring.

2010 VW Jetta Jack Stand Location For Suspension Install

Once the car is in the air, you will want to support the lower control arm with another jack.  You don’t want the arm to be pushed down unexpectedly from the force of the spring!

2010 VW Jetta Lower Control Arm Support

Remove the 18MM bolt that is holding up the lower control arm and connecting it to the rear wheel bracket.

Remove this bolt and lower the jack supporting the lower control arm.

Remove this bolt and lower the jack supporting the lower control arm.

Once this is done, lower the jack supporting the lower control arm slowly.  This will lower the spring off of its top perch.  You will need to rotate the spring to remove it from the bottom perch.  There are two plastic brackets that hold the spring in place.  One on the top, one on the bottom.  Make note of how these are situated and put the new spring in the correct way.  There are notches in the mounts that pretty much tell you how they go.  It would be pretty difficult to put them in incorrectly.  If you have any trouble you are probably doing it wrong!

2010 VW Jetta Lower Spring Mount

This is the lower spring mount, the perch is still in the hole.

Now you will want to remove the two 5/8 bolts that hold the upper shock mount to the body.

2010 VW Jetta Rear Upper shock mount bolts

Next, remove the 13/16 bolt that is holding the shock to the rear wheel bracket.  Once this is removed the shock assembly will come out of the car.

Remove the bolt the wrench is on.

Remove the bolt the wrench is on.

Once out of the vehicle, you will have to take the original upper shock mount off of the shock itself.  This is done with a shock absorber removal tool.  It’s a device with a hex shape on the outside so you can put a socket or wrench on it and a slot on the inside to keep the shock from twisting.  You can then remove the nut that holds the shock in place.

Shock Removal Tool:


2010 VW Jetta Shock Mount Removal

I purchased new upper strut mounts because my experience with this car is that it is picky and likes to have new parts installed, I believe you could have easily re-used the existing upper shock mounts without and issue.  I still needed to remove the old upper shock mount to get to the protective sleeve and the bump stop.  There were no instructions to cut the rear bump stops due to the lowering springs so I did not modify it at all.

The installation is the exact opposite of the removal and there are no funky nuances as there were with the front strut installation.  The rears were super easy compared to the fronts!

If you found this post helpful please let me know, if you think it needs something extra let me know that as well and I will consider making changes.

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