2010 VW Jetta Daily Driver Build

I am currently driving a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition as my daily driver.  I am also a computer technician and put a ton of miles on my car.  This vehicle, as of 8/1/14, has roughly 110,000 miles on it.  When I first purchased the vehicle, I decided that I would do no modifications to it and I would just keep it stock as to keep it as reliable as possible.  I still have that thought process in my head, but have put on an intake and have upgraded the front brakes with Power Stop rotors and pads.  The rears have been replaced as well, but the rotors are stock with just the upgraded pads.  The rest of this post will be what my plans would be if I would go further in my quest for a reliable daily driver that is modified tastefully.

The next repair that my car will probably need will be the shocks.  For now they are fine, but when they finally go I would like to go with a coilover system.  I have read some reviews, and it looks like I would go with the FK Highsport Coilovers with the fixed damping.  All the reviews were fairly positive and I would not be riding these all the way down.  I want a set it and forget it setup but the ability to raise or lower the car to get the ride and look I’m looking for without damaging anything.

At this point the brakes and suspension would be upgraded so a little more power would be nice.  My thought with this car was to just do a ECU tune to it and bump up the boost.  The stage 1 upgrade doesn’t require and messing with the engine at all, it is just an upgrade to the ECU mapping.  The upgrade costs about $600 and bumps the HP to 250 and the torque to 290!  That’s what I call bang for the buck.  If I wanted a little extra I could do the turbo back exhaust and put the HP closer to 270 and torque to over 300 but that would require more expense and would change the sound of my car.  I believe that I would leave the stock exhaust system in place.

The only other thing that I would want to upgrade on the Jetta would be the sound system.  I would like a head unit that can control my Iphone and allow for me to keep my eyes on the road.  The Kenwood DDX271 DVD Receiver is most likely the unit I would purchase.  It is inexpensive and has most of the features that I would want.  I may spring for a Navigation unit since half the time I’m on the road and using my phone for navigation, plus a full screen would be awesome so I would no longer have to strain to see the next street I’m supposed to turn at.  I’m pretty partial to Kenwood head units, since I have had excellent results with them in the past, so I would probably go with the Excelon DNX890HD unit.  It would give me the best of what I’m looking for, upgradable maps and IPhone control.

The stock sound system is pretty good in that car and the only real audio upgrade that I might add would be a subwoofer for added bass.  I’ve had good success with Kenwood equipment, so I would probably do a single KFC-W12DVC in an enclosure with an Alpine MRV-M500 amplifier to power it.  At 2Ohms, it puts out 250W RMS which perfectly matches the Subwoofer.   Of course after making the swap to a new head unit and adding all that BASS, I may notice the rest of the system falling short and may have to reassess.



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