2007 GMC Envoy Sound System

We currently own a 2007 GMC Envoy which my wife uses as her daily driver.  It’s getting kind of old now and she doesn’t like when her vehicles are outdated and no longer have all the top notch bells and whistles that made it awesome when it was new.  The truck is in great shape and runs awesome; it currently has about 108k on the odometer and has no issues.  My wife will sometimes beg to differ!  The biggest problem that she seems to have with it at this point is that it does not have an AUX port like my 2010 Jetta does; this means that she cannot play songs off of her IPhone on her radio.  I know you can purchase some kind of radio frequency device but they never seem to work very well.  I also know that she does not want to lose any features that she currently has with her system.  It currently has a Navigation system from the factory that uses a disk for maps and Sirius satellite radio.

Head Unit:

So I will be looking at Navigation head units.  These are not cheap and I will definitely be looking for the best bang for the buck.  I like to stick with the named brand devices such as Kenwood and Pioneer because of their reputation and the probability that the unit will not give me any issues.  After shopping around for a replacement navigation receiver, I have decided that the one I am most likely to purchase would be the Clarion NX-706.  It is an affordable unit coming in at just about $500 and has all the options that I am looking for, GPS functionality, Sirius XM ready, and IPod compatibility.  It is a little low on the RMS output at only 18 watts but I would probably put in an amplifier before the 4 speakers in the doors so that shouldn’t really be a problem.


The GMC Envoy has 6.5 inch speakers in all 4 doors.  I want something with a little bit more power than I have now but not too overwhelming and it needs to fit in the current locations.  I don’t want to take up any useable space with Subwoofers and giant amplifiers.  I started shopping first for the speakers and would most likely purchase the Polk DSi651s speakers.  They can handle between 2-65 watts RMS with peak power coming in at around 165 watts.  These seem like pretty good numbers and they run about $75 per pair.


As for the amplifier, knowing the Polk speakers can handle up to 65 watts RMS and 165 watts peak I have decided that my choice would go to the Kenwood KAC-2404S.  It is capable of up to 40 watts RMS x 4 channels and a peak power output of 135 watts x 4.  This matches up quite nicely with the Polk speakers that I have selected.   The price of this unit is quite reasonable as well with prices ranging from $70 – $120 dollars.

In conclusion, It appears that I could completely overhaul my GMC Envoys sound system for around $800.  This would significantly upgrade the audio and give my wife what she is looking for with the IPhone connectivity, Aux port, and maintaining the in-dash GPS.  Let’s see if I can actually pull the trigger on this project or not.


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