You Want To Run How Many Series?!

The reason for the title is obvious.  I want to get more seat time in the sim, i think it helps with the real racing and because I cannot always be in a real kart (which is my racing tool at the moment) I would like as much racing experience as possible.  I believe that Iracing is the tool that i need.  I have decided to make an attempt at running 5 series this season.  The IMSA series, to get my A license, the Blancpain Sprint Series, because why not……The National series because i like it, the street stock series to get my b license in oval, and the Skip Barber series because of the racing school giveaway.  That was a last moment decision, i have not run any open wheeled cars up until now but a free day of racing school.  I’ll run that too.  Why not make it 5!  I would have liked to run the SRF too, but i bet i have a lot of trouble getting all these races in…..

It’s Week 1 of a new season.  I’ve decided to run the Blancpain Sprint Series in the Audi R8 LMS.  I chose the Audi because I could run the car in the IMSA series as well.  Anyway, the first race was at Road America and I decided to run it with about 10 minutes of practice in the car.  I just purchased it and BAM!  Let’s run a race.  I was able to make it around the track pretty well considering the lack of experience in the car and I felt pretty comfortable in practice.  However, once qualifying came I was unable to complete a full lap cleanly and I had to start all the way in the back of a 25 car field, starting 20th out of 25 people.  No matter, it’s probably better this way since I have no experience in this car to begin with.  The large participation actually groups you with drivers of your caliber so the racing was pretty even.  I immediately fell in love with the GT3 car as I was going around the track at a pretty good clip.  I managed to pass a few people and some others were taken out in wrecks.  This put me in 13th position right before the pit stops.  I made my first pit in this car without incident and pulled back out on track in the same position that I was in before after the cycle went through.  I was gaining on the 12th place car but lost focus about 3/4 of the way through the race and had a few off  tracks.  This was ok, there was no wreck!  I did end up passing the 12th place car to take that position but it was due to him loosing focus and crashing.  All in all it was a good first race in the Audi!

The K&N series is at Talladega this week.  Practice went ok, but I was unable to hook up with anyone to practice the draft.  So when it was time to qualify, I ended up qualifying 12th.  Being the 17 car I did not think that it was too bad.  However, Talladega is an all drafting track and once you lose the draft it’s over.  I did pretty well at the beginning but towards the middle of the race I attempted to maneuver around a slower moving car without giving up any speed and maneuvered myself right into the wall.  This slowed my momentum a lot and I think I pretty much caused a multi-car pileup which I almost got involved in.  One of the cars actually went over mine.  It was pretty crazy.  I was then trying to hook up with the guy in front of me to catch back up to the leaders but he was not feeling too cooperative and we ended up getting involved with some lapped traffic.  This caused us to be slow and the people behind us were able to catch us and then I was involved in the big one.  At least for me it was the big one.  My car was still running at this point and I attempted to limp it home.  I managed to limp it to a 13th place finish just as my engine blew.  Not a good way to start the week in this car.

So, this is the third series that I want to run this season.  I want to run the skip barber series because if you run the full series you get entered to win a chance to go to the skip Barber Racing School!  Nothing like a little motivation to get you going and running another series!  I practiced well for Laguna Seca and even qualified half way decently.  I ended up qualifying 9th while being entered as the 15 car.  This was ok by me since it was my first race in this car.  I like the winged cars since they offer some down force and make the turning quite easy.  I can run pretty fast right off the bat in this car.  Unfortunately, Laguna Seca bit me and I crashed the car.  I think I lost my focus while racing with the other guys around me and go off track.  I then spun out and crashed the car.  This required a tow and that was pretty much the end of my race.  Relegating me to the back of the pack to finish 15th.  Not a good first outing.

I had to run the Skippy again.  Due to that terrible outing the other day I needed some redemption, and since I just spent the last 45min running the Audi at Laguna Seca, I figured now would be as good a time as any to try this again.  I did about 10 minutes of practice and was running good laps.  Then qualifying hit and I qualified in 6th place.  Not too bad.  I battled pretty well in the beginning but I ran too hard on the 4th gear turn 4 and got in the dirt again which spun me out and put me to the back of the pack.  You can probably hear me cursing as I’m stating, damn I did it again.  So now I’m in last and running really good laps.  I’ve settled down and am starting to pass a few people and at the end I was catching up to the battle for 5th.  I’m calling this race a win, even though the crash in the beginning set me back, I was able to fight my way back into 7th.

So, I’m also trying to run the IMSA series with the Audi R8, that was the reason for purchasing the Audi, I can run the car in the Blancpain and the IMSA.  So I hopped in with very little time to practice but I thought I knew the track well enough and that I could actually get in the car and do well.  That was not the case.  I qualified terrible due to a computer issue and only being able to get one lap in.  Then in the beginning of the race I was stuck behind another Audi that I was trying not to crash into and was slowing me down quite a bit.  I ended up rear ending him in the kink and causing us to lose a couple of spots.  Then I ran really good for a while and caught up to the cars in front of me.  I passed 2 of them and then lost focus and screwed up the corkscrew.  This was close to the pit lap and I pitted.  The second half of the race was not too good and I could only manage a 13th place finish.  I didn’t even pass the Porsche that was in front of me.  I need to be more consistent.

Last but not least, the C class Street Stock series.  This is the series that I want to run to get my license level up to B in the oval class.  I practiced for a little bit at South Boston and was getting used to the track and getting off the corners well.  I qualified as my car number which was 6 and started the race.  I was hanging with the leaders in this one and I was 6th but in the line of cars all together in contention for the lead.  Then there was an accident and to my surprise there was a caution!  We actually did laps under caution.  Wow!  I did not think that would happen.  There were two caution events, the first one I was in 3rd place, because the reason for the caution was the wreck in front of me, but I made it through.  I managed to fight passed the 3rd place car and had my sights on the leader.  Then the second caution came out and I was forced to start on the outside.  This allowed the guy behind me to get the preferred line and put me back to 3rd where I finished.

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