What’s Up With My Road Racing? – Sim Update

Another week where i did not manage to get all the races in.  I actually was only able to get 3 series in, the Skip Barber Series, the Blancpain Sprint Series, and the Street Stock C-Class Series.  Those were the ones that I am making a priority, I attempted the IMSA series but the participation was not there and the race did not go official.

So I decided to run the Blancpain series first.  This week we were at Barber Motorsports Park.  I have a little experience at this track because the Skippy’s were at it a week or so ago so I kind of know the layout, but running it in the GT3 car is not the same as the little Skippy.  I got about 15 minutes of practice in and I was lucky to be able to turn a lap.  I could not get the last set of turns right, the one after the high speed section where you go down left and then come up the hill.  I kept going off and spinning.  I then had to qualify, I was unable to get any good qualifying laps in and I was relegated to the back in 24th position.  This was fine by me since I was the 24 car; all I needed to do was run clean.  The first couple of laps were good and I managed to move up a little bit but then I made my mistake.  Through the high speed esses I went off into the grass, while trying to regain control, I spun into the inside wall pretty much ending my race.  I had 11 minutes of repairs that needed to happen.  I waited it out to try and salvage whatever I could from this race and went out again.  I ran a couple of more laps and made the same mistake again, slamming into the inside wall and actually rolling the car.  This really ended my race and put me in a sour mood.  I may need to run something else just to get the bad taste out of my mouth…..

Next up was the Street Stock series at Thompson Speedway.  I think this is one of the free tracks but I cannot remember running it.  I got in a couple of laps of practice and ended up running pretty good lap times.  I got into qualifying and I ended up going into 11th.  Not the turn out I was hoping for but I was not too comfortable with the track yet.  Went the race started I kind of was just running around in the back and then there was a caution.  I decided not to pit and this put me up into 6th or so.  I was able to pretty much maintain my position until I got loose out of one of the turns and had to chase the car down the track to save it.  This put me back to 9th.  Another caution, for the guy in front of me and I was back in 8th.  I was able to keep up with the leaders at the end I just couldn’t get a good enough run off the bottom to make up any positions.  Not too bad a race.

I am really having a hard time with the road racing lately.  Between the GT3 Audio and the Skippy I cannot seem to get a decent race in.  I’ve never raced at the Silverstone Circuit in this configuration so I go on with plenty of time to practice.  I got used to the track and felt that I was decent at it.  Then qualifying came.  I was the 11 car and qualified 9th.  I don’t mind that so much but these guys in the Skippy’s can really dive bomb on you and try to get a nose in.  I’ve taken the tact that I am in front and have the right of way so I try to ignore them unless they clearly have the line.  I felt that I was fast but got frustrated because a dive bomber got in front of me.  I went through the esses at normal speed but he checked up and I had to take evasive maneuvers to get around him.  I clipped his wheel and went flying.  That was pretty much the end of my race.  I had to take a tow which was 2 minute so even with the fast repair I was in the back.  I got back out and did some laps and was faster than a bunch of guys but I would not pass them because they were fighting for position.  I was not; I did not want to interfere.  There might be a round 2 of this.

I ran the Skippy again right away.  I figured I knew the track and I was pretty fast so I went for it.  I was running in the top 5 and then disaster struck.  Someone lost it in the hairpin and I went on the inside, which was my line and the way to avoid them.  Unfortunately the guy down low also went my way to avoid them and ended up hitting my left rear tire bending it in.  I needed to take a tow again!  I was pissed.  I took the fast repair and was able to get out on the lead lap but I was so far behind that I couldn’t catch the guys in front of me.  I was ticking off seconds but the race was not long enough.  I finally caught one of them and he was very slow.  I had to check up a log in the last section to avoid hitting him and then through the esses I had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid hitting him.  This sent me off into the grass and I actually lost a position that I gained because of it.  I almost made up the last little bit at the end but that slow guy defended his position quite well.

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