VW Jetta Front Brakes – 2010 Wolfsburg Edition!

So, I have definitely done this before, and that post is here.  This is just another post for the same job with slightly better pictures and different replacement parts due to the issues that I had with the old ones.  What we are talking about here is replacing the Brake Rotors and Pads on a 2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition.

Normal safety is required, jack up the car, make sure you use jack stands, blah, blah, blah.  Don’t be an idiot!  Then remove the front tire on the side that you are working on and get ready to work.

On the back side of the brake caliper are 2 21mm bolts that hold the caliper in place.  Remove them and then take the caliper off and move it to the side.  If you are just replacing the pads, scroll down a bit and continue.  For this post I am also replacing the rotors.

You will now be looking at the rotor and it is time to remove it.  There is a star screw that is holding the rotor in place.  You will need to remove it.  Be careful, they are pretty brittle and strip easily so try and make sure that you don’t strip them.  Unfortunately for me I stripped 2 out of 3 on this job and needed to drill them out.  If this happens, you can drill them out and just not replace them, In an ideal world you would replace them but I did not have them and needed the car.  It just makes it a little harder to re-mount the wheels since you will need to make sure all the holes line up.

Remove this star screw

Once that little screw is removed, take a ball-peen hammer and use the ball side to knock off the rotor.  You just need to bang on the part on the hub a couple of times and it will pop off!

The old rotors that I had on there were the Powerstop drilled and slotted ones.  They were good for stopping but for the amount of driving that I do it was a little much and they warped quickly.  I decided to go with stock type rotors this time and purchased the Wagner brake rotors.  Take your new rotor and line up the hole for the screw that you so carefully removed.  Put the new screw on and now your new rotor is in place!


Next, take a C-clamp and push the piston for in the caliper back into its bore.  I like to put a little grease on the rubber around the piston to keep it from cracking or tearing when I push the piston back in.

That is the piston that needs to be pushed back in.

Once the piston is back in, set the brake pads in place.  I had purchased Powerstop pads this time around and they had a specific break in procedure that needed to be followed, but this happens after everything is back on the car.

Slide the caliper over the new rotor with the new brake pads and re-install the 21mm bolts that hold the caliper in place.  I like to use a little anti-seize on the bolts to make sure that I can take them out again.

Put the front wheel back on, put the car back on the ground, and find a fairly empty road to follow the break in procedure that is on the Powerstop brake pad box.  Once that is done, drive home and celebrate!




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