Tough Decision – Selling The Kart :(

So I’ve decided to sell the kart.  Unfortunately for me, my back was injured and I was no longer comfortable racing the kart.  I will now change gears once again and move back to upgrading cars and hopefully save up enough money to start racing something with a suspension in it.  I think if I was in a vehicle that had some shocks and springs my back would be fine.

So this is the post that I put on Craigslist with pictures and all.  I am hoping to get $3000 for the kart because it would recoup most of what I put out to start karting.  I am taking into consideration the use that I had put on it, but it does have a new seat, new tires, and runs really strong.  The carburetor was also repaired and I’m throwing in the parts that can be used to run it.

Craigslist Ad:

CKR Racing Kart. Setup to run the PRD Spec class at Englishtown NJ. This is a spec class that has excellent racing and is good for anyone who has an interest in karting. Entry fees are low and the guys that run this class are extremely helpful in getting you on the track and racing.

This kart has a 125cc PRD Fireball engine with the 10T Front (Engine) gear and the 78T rear axle gear. I also have the 77T rear gear that will go with the kart. Just put new tires on it and they have a whopping 3 laps of use on them! Has an XL seat installed which is for bigger people. Have a L seat as well, i did not quite fit in it so well. Kart also has a Mychron4 data logger.

I have some extras that will go with the kart if negotiated. As stated earlier in this post, there is an extra seat. There are more gears as well, i have an 11T for the clutch and 3 other rear gears 84T,85T,86T. I have a bead breaker for changing the tires, and 3 quarts of the Motul 2 stroke oil. There is also a gas can that i have been using that can be thrown in. Still has some 110 octane in it! I have an extra Tillotson Carburetor that needs to have the throttle shaft installed, which i have that can also be negotiated.

I really don’t want to sell it and would like to continue racing, it was a ton of fun. Unfortunately i have injured my back and karting does not bode well in that scenario…..Asking $3000 OBO, this kart is race ready and eager to go!

kart4sale001 kart4sale002 kart4sale003 kart4sale004 kart4sale005 kart4sale006 kart4sale007 kart4sale008

Hopefully it does go and I can move on to building fun street cars again and maybe doing some track days as I build up to actually racing again.  Karting would have been perfect because I could afford it, but I cannot afford to be out of work, so it has to stop.  Racing actual cars becomes quite a bit more expensive so I think I will be moving towards track days and solo competition where I can compete in motor vehicles and still keep the cost down.


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