Sucking It Up In Sim Racing!

Started on Sunday this week, it’s the last possible day that I can get these races in.  Tomorrow I need to go to work so I will not be able race tomorrow.  So I just ran the Production Car Challenge at Jefferson Raceway and completely botched the race.  I was doing good and running around the track in 9th position but I got passed by a faster car and tried to keep up with him.  This caused me to drive over my head and I lost control of the car and crashed into the wall.  This required a tow and that was the end of my race.  I let the game fix my car and finished the race but I ended up in 18th position and lost irating.  That seems to be what I do now, race, lose, and suck.  It is a lot of fun though so I will continue.  Practice makes perfect!



Next up was the Advanced Legends Cup at South Boston Speedway.  I was practicing really well and tried some of the setups that were on the iracing forums but they all failed.  I made the necessary adjustments to them to make them pass but I ended up being faster with the default iracing setup.  I actually qualified 5th out of a 10 car field and was doing quite well with keeping up with the leaders until the Yellow car lost control and completely took me out.  That was it, I had to take a tow and I ended up a couple of laps down.  This was terrible because I was clearly one of the faster cars on the track.  I was passing a lot of cars when I got back on track and I was being super careful doing so because I was a lapped car and did not want to wreck any of the others.  They all let me by when they realized that I was faster and just wanted to run clean laps.  I finished 8th.  Still sucking it up in this car.



I was unable to get a race in for the Spec Racer Ford but I will try again next week.

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