Street Stock Week 13!

It’s my first Week 13!  I didn’t really know what to expect so I decided to try my hand at oval racing to see if I liked it.  It’s racing and it’s closer style racing so yeah, I liked it.  It’s a lot quicker to figure out the tracks as well since it goes by so fast.

The first stop was a Thompson Raceway.  I started 4th but then I jumped the start and got black flagged.  This put me all the way back in 15th.  I kept running the race though and got caught up in 2 incidents.  I lost control on one and hit the inside wall, and the other was a car blocking the track.  I was able to keep going after that and managed to make my way up to 11th and almost made it to 10th!  I was only 2 seconds back from the 10th place car.  I just need to figure out the starts and I should be good.

I missed the second race of the Super Street series on the oval tracks.   I had an event I had to go to.  I believe that this race was at South Boston Speedway.

The third track was Lanier.  I was put all the way in the back of the pack for this race at the start.  I was 17 of 17 cars.  I ended up living through this to end up finishing 5th.  I was heckled by one of the racers for taking out the leaders but I was spun out by the 9 car and really had nothing to do with it.  He stuck his nose in there and spun me around.  I just turned the car back around and kept going.  Forgot to get the video of it, I’ll race one more to get a good Lanier Video.  I ended up recording another race but it did not go as well, but you can check it out here.  17th is not 5th but I believe the second race will be dropped anyway……


I also missed the 4th race of the series.  This was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway the Legends oval.  Oh well, racing every night is hard!

The first race at the full Charlotte Track was going great.  I started 15th and worked my way up to 5th.  I was running just slightly behind the leaders and I was actually catching them.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  One of the leader cars went up the track, hit the wall, took out all 4 leaders!  I tried to sneak by underneath the accident but I was unable to.  I was collected as well and ended up on my roof!  After all was said and done, I finished 13th.

The next race at Charlotte, I was starting 19th, all the way in the back.  This race was pretty uneventful and I ended up weaving my way through the field to finish 9th.  There were accidents and people yelling at each other the entire race but I just ignore them.  I just try to race clean and not hit anyone.  I made a little contact with one car when I tried to pass on the inside and ended up sliding up and hitting them.  It was just a mistake.  Oh well.

Oxford Plains raceway was the next race.  The first one at this track did not go so well.  I was caught up in a wreck in the back of the pack and ended up flipping the car.  This required a tow around and a lot of repairs.  Since the lap times on this track are only around 18 seconds, I lost a lot of laps and finished in 13th.  Short track racing is riddled with wrecks, but it’s fun.

The second race at Oxford went really well.  No incident points and I finished 3rd!  That just seems so crazy to me since this is my first crack at the oval racing.  Now that I look at the results, I finished third because the Strength of Field was so low.  Either way, I really like the oval racing.  I just think that it takes less time to get used to the track and then you can actually race people.  I like the oval racing so much that I plan to run one of the series in Season 3.

USA International Speedway, first time at this track (and all the other oval tracks) an I finished 5th after starting 19th  because I didn’t bother to qualify.  I made my way up through the field by just avoiding the wrecks and trying to race as clean as I could.  I believe that I made it through this race with zero incident points.

The second race at USA International Speedway did not go as well as the first.  I started 16th and finished 10th with 10 Incident points.  Unfortunately I was unable to get out of rookies in my first week in the stock car.  That was my goal, but with too many incident points it was not a success.  Not all of them were my fault, I was rear ended and then hit another car before the race even started.  I believe that was 8 of the points right there.  Oh well, I guess I will be running the Rookie street stock series next season.  Hopefully I can get out of rookies.  Week 13 was fun!

I finished 83rd in this series.  Missing two of the races and never running an oval track, I am pretty happy with this result.  I will be running this series in season 3 as well since I still have an rookies license.

2016 Season 2 Week 13 Standings

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