Slacking Off In IRacing!

I am really slacking with my IRacing series this season.  This week I only managed to get in two races.  I guess between the vacations and the life that I lead I should be grateful, but I would really like some more time to get more experience in the simulator.  I really like the IRacing platform and I believe that it gives the most realistic experience out of all the games / simulators that I’ve tried.  I’ve been running the Audi at the Blancpain Series tracks and have learned that the throttle is not an on/off switch.  You need to actually use it gently to get the best results, just like a real car.  This seems to apply to the brakes as well; you can’t just slam on them and get good results.  As stated earlier in this paragraph, more seat time is required.  I’ve been running the Audi in practice sessions but not in the actual races.  Running laps is really what I need.

Anyway, I managed to actually race in the Skip Barber series and the Xfinity series.  Not sure why I couldn’t make it to the Mazda series but oh well.  Next week is another week and I will try and accomplish my goals again….

This week the Skip Barber car is at the Suzuka circuit.  I got in about 15 minutes of practice and all those years of playing Grand Tourismo paid off!  I was very familiar with the circuit even though to my chagrin, I was way off the pace.  I really need to probably take this a little more seriously and focus on one or two cars.  Practice and then really find the line.  More seat time will lead to better lap times, and better car control.  Anyway, I qualified 8th as the 9 car and ran a pretty good race, managing to run I 6th for most of it until one of the earlier crash victims caught up to me and passed me rendering me with a 7place finish.  I was slow in a lot of the corners and could see th other cars pulling away since they were hitting the turns better.  It was not too bad of a turn out since it was the top split with a pretty high SOF.

The Xfinity series was at Kentucky this week and I’ve never run this car here.  I’m not sure if I’ve run any car here!  Practice went well, but I need to learn how to save my tires.  My lap times are good except when my tires are shot and then I fall back in the pack.  I qualified in 15th, managed to race my way up into the top 10 and then on a long run, fell back to 15th where I finished.  It was all tires and not managing them properly and running them too hard.  This goes back to taking this more seriously and not running too many series at once.  Practicing and figuring out what works.  Oh well, keep practicing!

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