Sim Update – MX-5 cup Week 3 Lime Rock

Welcome all to my first sim racing update.  I am going to try and do this every Thursday so keep an eye out for these.

The Sim platform that I have chosen is iracing!  I’ve done quite a bit of internet research and have discovered that iracing seems to be the most realistic experience out there.  I’ve read all the reviews and comments on other blogs and after much internal debate with myself, and a very brief stint with race room (a free competitor), I decided to go iracing.

I went about as all in as I do too!  I purchased a force feedback steering wheel and pedal set.  I upgraded my laptop to 8GB of memory instead of the stock 4GB and purchased the two year service agreement at a 50% discount!

Getting the game running wasn’t too difficult.  Just sign up for the service and download the giant files for the installation.  I did this before I planned on racing because I did not want to be disappointed that I couldn’t race right then and there.  After the download, I just installed the application and logged into the website.  The site said I needed updates so I installed them as prompted.

I did have some trouble getting the steering wheel to work.  I purchased a Thrustmaster T150 wheel and when I first configured it on iracing, the steering was super sensitive.  Every little touch sent the car flying in that direction.  It was uncontrollable!

I soon discovered that the wheel needed different drivers and when you are using it on a PC it needs to be set to PS3 mode.  Once upgrading the drivers and firmware, the wheel was able to be configured and I was able to at least control the car.  Well, it felt more realistic…..

On to the actual update!

I am brand new to iracing so I don’t really have a lot of options for running a series.  I could do the street stock rookie if oval racing was my thing, or I could do the mazda cup.  When I first logged in, you can see that I was testing the old Mazda MX5 because I was going to run that series, but it was not available in this season.  So, I chose the mazda cup as my series of choice.  I own the car and all the tracks so there will be no costs involved.  I think that’s the plan in iracing, you can race in a series as a rookie!  Unfortunately, due to my timing, I have missed the first two races of the season.

This week’s race was at Lime Rock Park.  I had practiced quite a bit before committing to a race there.  I was slow and the rise on the back half of the track kept eating me!  I would try and hit that full throttle and be successful on occasion, but if I had the wheels turned, forget it.  I would wreck into the inside wall.  You can see those errors in the video of my first time trial below.

I did manage to get into 2 races this week.  One had too many incident points and I ended up disqualified.  This probably is what made me lose some Safety Rating.

The second one I started 6th and finished 5th.  My best lap time was 1:03:612 being a little under 4 seconds slower than the winner.  My average laptime was more than 7 seconds slower than the winner.  I have some practicing to do!

Lime Rock park was completely new to me, I’ve never raced it in any other game and was totally unfamiliar with it.  Plus it was my first time in the real racing simulator that iracing is.  I just need to get used to it.  I’m sure I’ll improve.

I finished the week in 1572 place!  I have gained 45 championship points and that puts me way in the back!  I also lost some Safety Rating points!  I am 2.44, .06 off what they give you to start with!  I’m sure I’ll improve over time.  I’m a rookie and may just have to run this series again next season.

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