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As you know, I’ve started iracing and have been enjoying it immensely.  The racing is competitive and intense, keeps me on the edge of my seat and completely focused on the task at hand.  Because of this wonderful experience, I have been looking into a more permanent setup to put a computer and wheel/pedal setup.

I have already purchased the Thrustmaster T150 force feedback steering wheel which is highly recommended as a good starting unit.  It was the least expensive force feedback wheel that I could find and it works well to give the feedback that you would want.  If you need any help getting this wheel to work, check out this post.

You see, my current setup is pretty basic, I have my laptop connected to my wheel and pedals and the wheel clamped to the side of my dining room table.  While it works, it has to get put away when I am done and adds to the time it takes to get into a race.  I work full time and setting it up and taking it down is annoying.  I will of course continue to do it until a more permanent solution is found.

My Current Setup

My Current Setup

I’ve been shopping around quite a bit to try and find something that is both affordable and takes up little space.  I have discovered the Playseat Challenge while looking for a solution.  The seat looks comfortable and the wheels and pedals attach pretty easily with the wheel clamp clamping on the lap bar base and the pedals being strapped in with Velcro.  Combine this with a monitor stand and I could be very close to a solution.  Unfortunately, this seat is designed to be folded up and put away, not a complete deal breaker and I could end up with it in my closet ready to go at a moment’s notice but it is still away and I would have to get it out.

What I would really like to get is the GTR Racing Simulator.  This is the all inclusive package and is only about double the price of the playseat challenge option.  The unit comes with the racing seat that is adjustable, the mounts for the steering wheel and the pedals and also includes the monitor stand.  That is a big selling point for me because most of the other seat options do not come with the monitor stand as part of the assembly, it is almost always an add on item.  The monitor stand also supports both single and triple monitors.  In my preferred setup I would be running triple monitors for the most comprehensive gaming experience.

That’s about as far as I think I would take it with the racing simulation stuff, unless I moved or something.  I really don’t have the room for something that is too much bigger.  There are more expensive cockpits out there on the market but for the price I really like the GTR Racing Simulator.

However, if I had unlimited room I would probably go with the Race Cube.  It looks like these things are in pre-order as of this writing.  Check out their website to pre-order.  I would seriously consider going this route now if I had the room.  It’s a very affordable motion simulator that spins and rocks to create the sensations of being in the car.  It’s genius!  Unfortunately It appears to require and entire rooms worth of space to operate in since it is spinning around with you and the monitors on it.  Very cool though.

There are other motion simulators out there but they are quite expensive and don’t seem to be compatible with everything.  The one at simxperience is only compatible with Rfactor2, which will not work for me since I’m interested in iracing compatibility.  The cxc simulators are very cool as well but seem to have their own games for them.  It seems that the more expensive simulators are not supporting all the games that are out there and tend to develop their own simulations for their devices.

I’m a fan of iracing, racing people from all over the world any time of day.  I would not be interested in a simulator that did not allow me to do so, if and when I actually purchase a sim racing rig, you will be the first to know!


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