Sim Crashing @ The Ring – Sim Update

We have to get the races in this week.  We are Leaving for Tennessee on vacation on Saturday so if I don’t get the races in I don’t have the weekend to make it up.

First race of the week was the Street Stock at Charlotte.  I really like Charlotte because it’s easy.  All you need to do is keep your foot to the floor and ride around the track.  Avoid the wrecks and you’ll probably end up with a good finish.  If you watch till the end of the race, you can see where I was fighting for 2nd but the 4 car was weaving back and forth blocking at every turn.  He was trying to block me and the 2 car and ended up being successful.  Either way I ended up finishing 4th with lots of Championship points.  It was a good race.

Another good race for me!  I ran the MX-5 cup race at the Pheonix road course and finished 2nd.  It was a crazy start with one entrant trying to make a mad dash to the front and taking out the car in front of me.  I was able to get around them only to follow a yellow car that ended up sliding into the inside wall on the first turn.  I made it through that as well.  As the race went on I got passed a few times, in the beginning due to the accidents occurring all over the place, and once on the 2nd lap when I went to deep into turn 1 and ended up drifting into it.  I went way wide to avoid collecting anyone else and causing even more trouble for myself.  After that I was playing catch up.  I think I was making the people in front of me nervous because my lap times were faster than theirs.  They kept making mistakes, probably looking at the relative times, and crashing out.  I was then able to get around everyone and get to 4th.  I was closing the gap on 2nd and 3rd while they were battling and my luck kept coming as they crashed out on the hairpin inside the track. This must have damaged their cars because they both let me through without issue.  That left me in 2nd where I finished.  I was slowly catching the leader but ended up pushing a little too hard and having to slow to keep the car under control.  That put an end to this race, I finished the last 2 laps and collected my 2nd place finish.

Unfortunately, the Ring with the Spec Racer Ford did not go so well.  I ran it at the very last opportunity that I could get before going on vacation.  We are driving to Tennessee, but I decided to attempt to get this race in before we left.  I got it in but it was a complete disappointment.  My sim crashed and I was unable to start with all the racers.  By the time the sim recovered, I was 7 minutes behind, almost one full lap of the Ring.  So that was a downer, I ran the laps anyway to get the practice and on my last lap I managed to make it around in just over 9 minutes clean.  I would definitely get better over time and for my first race there, besides not starting with the pack, it was pretty good.  My best lap was only 30 seconds off the leaders.  Like I said, not too bad!  Another unfortunate issue is with my video, the picture is just frozen, the audio is good but no video and that is what is important.  So there is no video with this.

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