Season 4 Week 4 – Another Videoless Production!

Oh man!  Another week where the videos that I took did not come out well.  They were all just audio without the video so I did not bother to post them.  Following the descriptions of the races there will be the points standings in my division and for the over all.


Starting this week in the Legends car.  I don’t know what it is about this little car but I am no good in it at all.  I can handle the street stock cars on the shorter tracks ok and at least be able to hang with some of the people, but these Legends cars are just not for me.  However, I am committed to running the entire season in one so this week was at South Boston Speedway.  I ran a couple of laps of practice and jumped in a race.  I qualified 11th and finished there as well.  All the way in the back of the pack.  I had 2 incident points for hitting the wall trying to get some more speed that I had trouble finding.  Other than that it was just another race where I finished in the back…..

I had to try this again, unfortunately it did not go very well.  I don’t know what it is with this Legends car, I just don’t feel very comfortable in it.  I can turn laps but am at least ½ second off the pace.  In the ovals that this car runs in, that is a lot and you get lapped quickly.  I was able to start in 9th this time, not a big field, but due to wrecking, I ended up finishing 10th.  There was only 12 cars so that really was not very good.  I feel bad for my new sponsor, but I am doing my best.

alcall2016s4w4 alcdiv42016w4

Went for the Production Car Challenge next, this race was at Summit Point using the short circuit.  The race just went official and I was one of 6 cars to be in the race.  I qualified 4th and ended up finishing 3rd, mostly due to one of the leader crashing and me taking that position by default.  I ended up with 40 championship points and gained both irating and SR.  I guess I can’t complain, but more seat time will make me better!

pccall2016s4w4 pccdiv62016s4w4

I finally got an official race for the Spec Racer Ford, it only took two weeks of lots of practice and no racing.  Both at tracks that I thought I would do well at.  This week the Spec Racer Ford was at the Daytona Road course, the one from 2007.  I was able to get about 20 minutes of practice in before the race and was barely able to complete a lap.  However, I got quite comfortable with the track as the race went on and I was actually able to gain a significant amount of spots on the track after qualifying all the way in the back in 15th.  I ended up finishing 11th and I think I could have done better if I would have not gotten taken out in the beginning and was able to stay with the pack.  I will spend more time practicing and perfecting my race craft in the future.

srfall2016s4w4 srfdiv62016s4w4

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