Running In 3 Series Is Hard! – Sim Update

Getting a really late start this week, it’s Sunday afternoon and I just ran my first race.  I need to get two more in so I can meet my goal of running the entire season in 3 different series.

During editing of the videos, I’ve discovered that all 3 video sessions had become locked and there were no videos for this week.  Sorry about that, but the post is still legit and describes what happened anyway.

The first race I decided to do was the Street Stock at Charlotte.  I am really comfortable at Charlotte so I thought it was a good idea to jump in there first and get my feet wet for the week since I haven’t raced in over a week.  I practiced well and ended up being 5th in practice.  Qualifying didn’t go as well and I ended up starting in 12th.  That’s ok by me because normally the first couple of laps are just trying to stay out of trouble which I was unsuccessful at.  One of the cars was blinking in and out and the 16 car came down on me and sent me spinning into the infield.  I didn’t damage the car at all and was able to get back out on the track, unfortunately I was way in the back at this point but I was in the draft of the car in front of me so I still had a chance.  I was able to work my way back up through the pack and ended up gaining 8 positions from my worst spot to finish 8th.  Not too bad, I gained SR and irating so I am satisfied with this result.

SS 2016S3W9

I managed to get the Spec Racer Ford race in as well.  I qualified 7th and ended up finishing 9th.  This was totally due to the fact that I was trying to hard to get a good finish.  I started out good, trying not to get into a wreck, and was successful.  However, as the race went on and I got more comfortable with the track, I started trying to gain positions.  This was to my detriment because I ended up trying to hard and spinning out a couple of time.  In the beginning I was able to recover quickly and catch back up but as I pushed harder and harder the mistakes came and I was unable to get a good finish.  It’s a bummer because this track is a lot of fun and I think I could have had a better finish than 9th.  If I had time for another go at it I would give it a shot but there is not time this week…..

Division 6 Standings

Division 6 Standings

SRF All 2016S3W9

Don’t know if the video will be any good, but I managed to get the Mazda race in too.  I was the 11 car in an 11 car field so I was with racers that were better than me.  However, I raced clean and as hard as I could and managed to pull off a top five.  It was a completely clean race at Lime Rock with the Chicane and I am pretty happy with the result.  In the video, if it comes out ok, it says I’m in the top split but that just wasn’t the case.  Finishing 5th just netted me 46 points.  But I was clean and my irating and SR went up.  Happy with the result.

Mazda MX-5 2016S3W9

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