Road Atlanta This Week – Sim Update!


I’m getting started early this week because i know that this weekend will be crazy.  I decided to run the National series at Daytona first.  This is all drafting.  Close racing and drafting.  So I ran about 15 minutes of practice to get used to the track, tried to run in all possible lines that I could be in during the race, top-middle-bottom.  Then I spent a little bit of time trying to find the fastest way around, trying not to steer too much and to keep the speed up.  I ended up Qualifying 12th and running around the track at the back of the lead pack.  Everything was going well until I got clipped by a wrecking car which I almost saved but ended up hitting the other car that was wrecking.  I got caught up in the big one!  I had to get a tow back to the pits, but was able to get out there and redeem some of the positions that I lost.  I ended up passing quite a few people to finish the race in 12th.  Not too bad for getting involved in the BIG one!

The Spec Racer Ford was at Road Atlanta.  This was not the full course so it was a little different but fun anyway.  I set out to practice on Friday night and get in the 11:45PM race.  This race did not go official so I ran a couple of more practice laps and went to bed.  Come Saturday night, i get into the car again and run some practice.  I did ok but was slow compared to the competition.  I ended up as the 13 car out of 19 in a single split.  I qualified even worse and ended up starting 15th, all the way in the back.  I ran a few good laps and then chaos ensued.  I was pushed off track by the 7 car after he made a mistake.  I was trying to stay clean but he came down into me.  After that it was all downhill.  I was trying too hard to gain positions and really pushing the limits of my ability.  This was shown in all the mistakes that i made which made me end up being last.  I had some brain lapses that did not go too well for me.  Tomorrow’s another day, maybe I’ll get a chance to try and redeem myself in this car.

The Advanced Mazda Cup was also at the Road Atlanta Short track.  I’ve had plenty of practice at this track at this point and was ticking off pretty good laps in the Mazda.  I did end up qualifying 6th for this race.  I was also the 6 car so that seems right.  Anyway, the beginning of the race was pretty clean and then I had a driver defending his position pretty well.  While trying to avoid him, I got slowed up and was passed by the 7 car.  I thought I had a run up the inside on the dirty sweeper but he did not see me and he came across the front of my car.  He should have known that I was going to try and get my spot back because I was being held up by the same guy who slowed him down.  I ended up pit maneuvering him into the wall.  I felt bad but it is what it is.  I then caught up to the cars in front of me and had a pretty good battle with the driver in 4th spot.  I eventually won that battle and tried to make my way up to the front to get a podium, but i wasted too much time battling for 4th.

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