Replacing the Brake Lights On A Porsche 944

I get into work the other day and my colleague lets me know that I have a brake light out on the Porsche.  I had no idea that the light was out, my neighbor let me know a while back but I thought she was talking about the Envoy and not the Porsche.  I guess I would have never known unless someone would tell me.  I used to check the brake lights on the NJ Turnpike when an 18 wheeler got behind me, I would be able to see them in their giant chrome bumpers, now that I don’t drive so much I never really have that happen.  Now that I know the brake light is out, the below post will tell you how to replace the brake light in a Porsche 944, or any rear light for that matter.

The first thing you need to do is to pop the hatch.  Put your key in and turn the lock, for my car, you need to jiggle the lock a little before it will turn and once it is turned, a little persuasion is needed to pop it open.

I always have the hatch cover pulled to the back because I think it looks better, and it hides anything that I may have back there.  If you have the same OCD that I do, you will need to retract the hatch cover to gain access to the brake lights.  Unhook the three latches to the cover (my middle one is broken) and let the cover retract.

Left Side Hook
Center Hook

You will need to pull back the carpet in the trunk to access the actual brake light.  There are two snap buttons that you will need to undo on the side of the car you are replacing the light on.  You can remove the others but I did not find it necessary. 

Carpet Buttons

Then you will need to remove the plastic clips that are holding the other part of the carpet to the body.  These clips came out pretty easy, but be careful with them since they are just plastic clips and are 30+ years old.  I had to remove all of them on the side that I was replacing to be able to peel back the carpet.

There is a plastic housing that will need to be removed that holds all of the rear lights.  One screw keeps the entire assembly connected to the body.  Remove that screw.

Be careful pulling the assembly away from the body, pull it straight back and make sure that the bulbs do not get damaged.

Find the bulb that needs to be replaced and replace it.  In my case it was the brake light but the bulbs are all the same so just replace the one that you need to.  To remove the bulb from the housing push down on the bulb and twist it out.  The little tabs on the bulb will then be able to slide out of the housing and you can put the new one in.

Backside of the Housing

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