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I am really getting ready to move forward with a purchase of a race kart.  I am at slight odds as to what exactly I am going to do, and the issue is with the money.  I would like to purchase a kart from the gentleman that I have been in contact with at the New Jersey Sprint Series, this would hopefully put me in equipment that will at least work and be straight.  Another positive is that he would be at the track on race days and parts would be available to repair anything that may need to be fixed.

Here is the pricing structure that he has sent me:


Here is a quick rundown of what I can put together for you.  I think I got most everything you would need to get started.  I can also get driving suits/gloves/neck collar and driving shoes if need be.  Helmet as I said before you should purchase that on your own.  Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please call.  I can easily have all this for you before the beginning of the season.  I also attached some schedule information and other information.


New Top Kart Twister    $4795

New Top Kart Carter (economy kart)      $3100  ( would recommend for LO206 and PRD not for X-30)

Used Top Kart Twister   $2000-$2500 depending on kart year and condition


Briggs LO206 complete engine plus kit $978 (plus shipping)

PRD complete engine plus kit $1880 (plus shipping) Still need to purchase engine mount ~$150

X-30 complete engine plus kit $3195 (plus shipping) still need to purchase engine mount ~$150 and battery ~$75


Bridgestone $220

 Data Acquisition for kart

MyChron 4 $465


MyChron 5 $599 (not currently available pre order only)

 Kart Stand


 Fuel Jug

 Misc. Parts for Kart

Complete pipe mount ~$65

Chain ~$40

Sprocket $15

Cable/clamp throttle stop $7

Throttle cable housing $5

Fuel line $3

Fuel Filter $2

As you can see, the costs start accumulating quite quickly.  All the little parts that need to be purchased, and I haven’t even purchased any safety equipment!  If I go with this pricing and get a used chassis at $2000 it puts my total cost at around $4500, and that is without any data acquisition devices.  If I want to know anything about my lap times or other performance metrics, I will need to add the cost of a MyChron 4 to the sum total which would bring my total to over $5000.  I still would need to spend money on a helmet, driving suit, gloves, and shoes!

After looking at these prices, I obviously have been looking around for other options.  Since $5000 is more than what I have at the moment.  As of January 12, 2016 I have about $4500 total to spend.  If I spend that whole amount on a kart, I will not have any safety equipment that is necessary.

Tsracing.com has a couple of new packages that are comparable to the price of the used karts that New Jersey Sprint Series has.  Of course this is also with the IAME X30 engine.  Seems like a deal, but again this is a website only with no real store.  I would lose the easily available parts option.

There is one package that I saw on Craigslist in my local area that is a CKR Chassis with a PRD TAG engine for $3250 with the Mychron 4 data acquisition software.  I’m sure it will need tires and maybe some other things but the kart looks solid.  I think I may go and look at it to keep my costs down.

1/12/2016 CKR/CRG Race­ Ready Kar t Package ­  $3250!


central NJ >

for sale >

sporting goods ­ by owner

Posted: about a month ago

 CKR/CRG Race­Ready Kart Package ­ $3250! ­ $3250 (East

Windsor, NJ)

For Sale: 2014 CKR SG2 chassis (CRG Black Star chassis sold under CKR brand name) with 2 new

PRD TaG 125 engines. Purchased late 2013 with only 2 part­time seasons of racing. Several wins. No

wrecks. Kart package can be run in either TaG Sr or Jr, or Spec PRD Sr or Jr classes. 

Can include all or part of the following: 

2 complete PRD engine packages purchased new in 2013 and 2014 (full packages with engines,

radiators, water pumps, pipes, clutches, batteries, mounts, wiring, etc. etc.) 

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European CRG fully adjustable KF­type front brake setup (these are NOT the huge shifter kart brakes;

they are custom configured and assembled, super light­weight CRG brakes used on the European KF


http://cnj .cr ai gsl i st.or g/spo/5347275407.html 1/3

1/12/2016 CKR/CRG Race­ Ready Kar t Package ­  $3250!

Mychron 4 gauge setup. 

Tillot seat. 

2 complete sets of wheels and tires (7.10 rear, 4.5 front). 

All torsion bars for chassis. 

Multiple different axles, gears, brake rotors, hubs, etc. 

4 blueprinted carburetors (2 Spec PRD carb’s, 2 TAG 125 class carbs). 

Rolling kart stand. 

1st PRD engine purchased new for 2014 season and just had complete top and bottom end rebuilds

including piston/ring/rod and bearings, etc. This engine won several Spec PRD races. 2nd PRD

purchased new for 2015 season and is blueprinted with minimal runs. This engine won several TAG

Sr. races. 

This is all top­notch, winning stuff in very, very good condition. 

Prices somewhat negotiable; prefer to sell everything at once so let’s discuss a deal! See below for

starting points and call or text . 

Package Pricing: 

Race­Ready Package ­ rolling chassis with Mychron 4, one engine, assembled and ready to race in

either TaG Sr/Jr or Spec PRD Sr/Jr: $3250 (add front brakes: $4250). 

Race­Ready Package with Spare Engine ­ above but including both PRD’s: $4500 (add front brakes:



Split Pricing: 

Kart Chassis (rolling with Mychron, no front brakes): $2000 

Kart Chassis (rolling with Mychron and front brakes): $3000 

PRD engines (each, with carburetor for one class): $1250. 

Prices somewhat negotiable; prefer to sell everything at once so let’s discuss a deal! Call or text 


http://cnj .cr ai gsl i st.or g/spo/5347275407.html 2/3

1/12/2016 CKR/CRG Race­ Ready Kar t Package ­  $3250!

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model name / number: SG2

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http://cnj .cr ai gsl i st.or g/spo/5347275407.html 3/3

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