Purchased A Kart!

Oh yeah!!  I’m going racing!!  Something that I’ve always wanted to do my whole life is coming to fruition!  I have purchased a race kart!  Remember that ad in the post from last week?  Well, I purchased that kart in it’s PRD spec configuration.  The guy that I purchased it from was a wealth of information!  I spent two hours on a Saturday afternoon talking about Karting, the kart he was selling (which I purchased!), and the setup of the Karts!  Can you tell that I’m excited; every sentence that I write is followed by an exclamation point!

IMG_2309 IMG_2310 Race Kart Right Side

This is the ad in PDF format if you’d like to take a look.

CKR_CRG Race-Ready Kart Package – $3250!

There is so much more to Karting than I originally thought.  There is no suspension in the Karts, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t adjustable.  There are torsion bars, up and down adjustments, different types of rear axles, you can move the wheels in and out and up and down, all kinds of things to try and get the thing to handle the way you want.  To be completely honest it was all above anything that I thought would be involved or anything that I even know about.  I will probably just set it up as stiff as I can and start there.  The less I have to worry about setup, the more I can focus on driving.  At first this is where I’m going to be, the best improvements that I’m going to get is going to be seat time.

My Kart has a 2 stroke PRD motor on it.  It is water-cooled and the water pump is driven off the rear axle.  The guy I purchased it from says this will keep the motor strong and prevent it from overheating.  The thing sound bad-ass!  Almost like a Volkswagen on crack!  Since it’s a 2 stroke engine, you need to mix the oil with the gas.  It runs race fuel, I was told to run the purple brand at the track which is 110 octane!  The gas gets mixed with 8oz of 2 stroke oil per gallon.  That is important since this is where it gets lubricated from.

My head is still spinning from all the information that this man has given me.  There was so much but I can’t remember it all!  I should have been taking notes, but he said I can call him with any questions.

I was able to get the Kart into the back of a Pickup truck, one with a short bed even!  It wedged itself in between the wheel arches and didn’t move around at all.  That is perfect since that is the truck that I will be using.  I’ve seen the Kart start on the stand, but I was going to drive it down my street when I got it home and off loaded, this did not happen since the Kart did not start with me sitting in it.  I am hoping that the battery just did not have enough juice to start it after being out in the cold for the trip.  I drained the coolant (just distilled water) from the system and put the Kart in my garage.  The first weekend of March will be when I work on getting it running with me in it!  I probably need to get a stand as well, this will make working on it easier.  Right now it’s sitting on the floor of my garage.

There is only so much more stuff to get to be ready for the season, I need a helmet and driving suit.  As well as gloves and shoes.  I am going to Motorsports 2016 next weekend to try on some helmets.  Maybe I can even get one there!  More race shopping next weekend!


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