Postin’ 2 Weeks!


So I decided to upgrade my computer to windows 10 and put some more memory in it.  I did the upgrade and made sure the memory was being seen and decided to run a race.

First race of the week was the MX-5 Cup car at Summit Point Raceway, running the Jefferson circuit.  I was placed in the top split and qualified 7th.  I was the 7 car so that is ok.  That was about the end of my ok, on the first lap I managed to mess up that tricky left hander on the back of the circuit, hit the curb and spun the car into the wall.  This required me to limp the car back to the pits for repair.  I then got over anxious and exited the pits too quickly and got black flagged putting me 3 laps down.  What a disaster of a first race back.  My SR and Irating completely tanked because of this race.  Oh well, more practice is needed.


I’m back at it; hopefully I can keep at it.  I started this week with the Xfinity car running at Indianapolis motor speedway.  I got a couple of laps of practice in and then it was time to race.  I ended up qualifying 10th as the 8 car in my split.  This was the first race that I’ve run where the race went pretty much green the entire time.  I did pretty good saving my tires and was able to run decent laps at the end as long as I hit my line and my marks.  I was running in 11th for a long time and lost my tires at the end to move back to 12th.  I was then passed on the low side by a lapped car with new tires so the 13th place guy got a run on me and passed me.  I was going to be able to catch him and get the spot back but the caution came out.  That was the end of the race….

Next up was the MX-5 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the road course!  I like this track for some reason and I usually do pretty well at it.  This time was no exception.  I qualified in 4th as the 4 car, made my way up to 3rd, watched the 5 car drive like a lunatic and take out the 2nd place guy whaile I hung back in 4th.  I eventually got brave enough to pass him and I was able to pull away from him pretty easily.  I then caught the leader and on the last lap made to go for the win with a pass on the inside.  My plan was perfect except I forgot about other humans.  I was passing the leader for the lead, he blocked me, which was expected but I kept my foot in it going for the win, I was able to get along sid of him but I guess he didn’t like that and pushed me down into the infield and wrecked me.  I was pretty pissed but in hindsight I think I need to learn to control my car a little better and make a more aggressive move to take the position.  Maybe when they go to block, pull a pit maneuver.  I don’t know,  I really don’t want to race that way because I wouldn’t do it in a real car so why would I here.  This is supposed to be a simulator and I treat it as such.

I tried Charlotte again, had the 5 car going in and qualified right where I should.  The race started and I was involved in a wreck right at the very beginning.  Someone made a mistake in turn 1 and took out about 5 cars, I was included.  I had to take a tow and wait for the repairs.  I got back out there and started racing, somehow I managed to bring home a 5th place finish.  Not sure how that happened but i’ll take it!

I understand why people get a little frustrated with Iracing.  You start to get a little better at it and you want to race clean but other drivers don’t think that way and they take you out unnecessarily.  Take this Skippy race that I was just in.  It was at Interlagos, and I was running in 10th place.  I got a good run on the 9th place car and made a clean pass on him only to have him try to do a over/under maneuver on me and get the position back.  I would have been fine with that but he came up into me and wrecked my car.  It wasn’t a big hit, but any hit in the Skippy causes a tow.  This ruined my race and I finished dead last instead of in the top 10.  Needless to say I was unhappy.

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