Porsche 944 Wiper Motor Replacement

One of the very first things that needed repair on the new project was the wiper motor.  No matter what I did, the wipers would not work and I found that on the Porsche 944 the wiper motor is usually the culprit when the wipers do not work.

This is a little bit of a pain to change out but if you follow these directions you should be able to pull it off.  This was my first time attempting it and I now have functioning wipers!

I’ve done some research before attempting this and someone suggested putting some masking tape where the wipers are at rest so that you know where they were.  I did that but ended up not being able to get them to sit that way.  Not sure if I got a wiper motor from a different car or what but my wipers are up just a little more than they were.  I don’t really care, they are not in my line of sight.

The next thing to do is to pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable.  Use a 13mm wrench to remove the cable from the terminal.  This will prevent any surges and keep you from damaging anything else.

Take off the cheap plastic cowl.  Or whatever they call that.  You will need to take the rubber seal off the front of the cowl before attempting to take it off the car.  This is marked with a red line below.

This thing is brittle, so be careful removing it!  I completely broke mine and now that I have been looking at the pictures, it may behoove you to remove the wipers and all the accompanying bolts before attempting to take this off.  I did not and mine is now in pieces.

Removed Cowl

Disconnect the blower motor connections.  There are electrical connectors on both sides plus some vacuum lines that you will need to pay attention to.

Remove These

and these

Remove the cover to the blower motor.  There will be a bunch of screws around the cover that you will need to remove.  They are on the back side as well; make sure you get them all!

Cover Removed

Take out the motor; this should pull right out at this point.

Blower removed

I took this opportunity to vacuum out all the leaves and debris that was under the cowl.  This is what probably contributes to the wiper motor going bad.  Moisture gets caught under the cowl and cannot drain making the wiper motor sit in water.  This rusts the motor solid over time and locks it up.  I used a small ShopVac for this.

After Vacuuming

Remove the base of the motor.  This pulls straight up but there is a seal between the base and the car.  Be careful to not ruin the seal, I re-used mine since I did not ruin it but if it gets destroyed, you may need to replace it.  Mine broke a little bit but I managed to piece it back together when re-assembling.

Remove the piece with the X

Base Removed

Now you can finally start working on taking the wiper motor assembly apart!  The easiest way to accomplish this is to remove the entire assembly and replace the motor while it is out of the car.  There are 3 bolts that are holding the assembly in place, the one near the motor, and the two wiper bolts.

Bolt holding the wiper motor down

Wiper Bolts

Once you have all the bolts removed, you can tilt the entire assembly forward (you need the bolts for the wipers to clear the holes they poke through) and remove from the car.

Entire Assembly Removed

Pay attention to how the wiper assembly looks at this point.  It may not matter depending on which cycle your motor was in when it stopped but the arms should be at their farthest point to the right of the motor when in the car.

Remove the wiper arm bolt.

Remove the motor from the assembly by unscrewing the three Phillips head screws that attach it to the assembly.

Put your new (or in my case used off Ebay) wiper motor in the assembly using the 3 screws you just took out.  Or new ones if you have them…..

Re-attach the wiper arms to the motor.  Try to keep the arms all the way to the right.  This is assuming that the motor is in the resting position.

Once the wiper assembly is re-assembled, put the assembly back in the car.  Attach the wipers the way that they were when you removed them.  Reconnect the battery and cycle the wipers.  Check to make sure that when they are in the resting position, they are correct.  You may have to do this a couple of times to get it right.

When you are satisfied that the wipers are correct, re-assemble in the reverse order.

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