Porsche 944 Oil Change

It was now time to do an oil change again on the Porsche 944 that I own.  Since the odometer does not work and I drive it sparingly, I’ve been choosing to change the oil every 3 months or so.  Unfortunately, this time around it has been closer to 6 months but I have not put many miles on it due to the battery being dead.  Now that the battery has been fixed, time to change that oil.

You will need some equipment in order to perform this job successfully. 

You will need a hydraulic jack , well you don’t really need that but it makes it way easier.

You will need some oil.   I have been using 10W40 synthetic oil in the Porsche 944, it seems to work quite well and I maintain decent oil pressure all the time.  At Wide open throttle it is at 5 bars.  At idle it can drop to 3 bars or so but this seems normal and does not really affect drivability.

You will need a specific oil filter.  This is something that you will need to order from an online source because no one will have it.  Make sure you do this ahead of time.  My recommendation, from what I seen on the internet, is to use the Mahle OC142 Filter .

A catch can to drain the oil into.

An Oil Filter wrench can be helpful. 

A 15mm wrench or socket will be needed to remove the drain plug.

Now onto the procedure!

Pop the hood!  To expose that giant 2.5 liter 4 banger!

I have been sliding a giant piece of cardboard under the cars when working on them lately to try and protect the driveway.  This has been working.  I would recommend it but it is not necessary.

Remove the oil cap from the fill tube.

Jack up the car, there is a jack point underneath the doors that will lift the entire side of the car up.  Do this on the passenger side so that you can access the oil drain plug easily.

Slide the catch can underneath the oil pan.

Remove the 15mm drain plug from the oil pan.  As you are removing this, make sure that the catch can is positioned properly to catch the oil.

Oil Draining into Catch Can

Next you will want to remove the oil filter.  This is a tight fit with all of the hoses around but you can get an oil filter wrench around the filter if you need to and loosen it enough so that you can turn it by hand.

Once removed, you will want to replace it with a new filter.  Open the filter and use a little bit of oil around the rubber seal on the open end of the filter.

Put a thin layer of oil on the black seal.

Install the new filter.

Now make sure that all the oil is drained from the oil pan and replace the oil drain plug.

Remove the catch can, and lower the car on the ground.

I would also recommend using some kind of oil additive .  You are looking for a ZDDP additive to run this motor, it will help with longevity.  I’m not sure if it is completely necessary but I don’t want to find out the hard way.

Pour the oil into the oil fill tube and check the level.  I usually put 5 quarts in and then check it.  Make sure the dip stick reads full, use as much oil as you need to get the level correct.  This could take upto 6.5 quarts, so be prepared.

Once the oil level is correct, you are done.

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