Porsche 944 Mirror Fix

I think I’ve made the decision to actually sell the Porsche.  So I will need to get it ready for sale.  It’s mechanically sound but some cosmetics and other gauges that will need to get repaired.  I’ve started with the driver’s side mirror.

Since this was supposed to be a track car, I did not really care about looks and just used a screw to keep the mirror in place.  Getting this ready for sale will require removing that screw and getting the mirror to adjust and stay in place without the screw.

The first step is to remove the glass from the mirror backing plate.

There are a couple of ways to do this, there is a hole on the underside of the mirror itself that allows access to the locking mechanism.  You can attempt to stick a small flathead screwdriver in there and push the notch towards the door.  This is a good solution if you’ve seen this before and know what you are trying to accomplish.

I went with the other option since I did not know what I was trying to do.  I pulled the left side of the mirror out as far as I could so that I could see behind the mirror.  Then I was able to use that flathead screwdriver to push the notch towards the door and unlock the mirror.

Use a Screwdriver to Push the Clip
Look at that Envoy in the Background!

At this point the mirror can be pulled off of the mounting plate. 

There are two wires for the heating element that are connected, you can see in the picture that one of mine is not. 

When taking on this project I was under the assumption that there was a nut on the back of the mounting plate that needed to be tightened.  That was not the case but I removed the plate anyway because, that’s what I thought needed to happen. 

Those are 8mm Bolts. When removing them they will pull the whole assembly off the mount.

The motor would need to be replaced in this mirror if I was going to fix it completely but I just want the mirror to stay put when I adjust it and not flop around, if the power mirrors don’t work I’m ok with it.

There is a connector for the motor on the backside of the mirror that would need to be disconnected if removing the entire mirror, but I just needed to fix the loose glass.

The motor appears to be broken in this car.  There is a break in the plastic gear that moves the mirror so that it is only being adjusted with the one gear.  I only need it to stay in place when adjusted so I am not worried about this.  If after driving the car for a bit and the mirror still moves, I’ll think about fixing it.

That’s not supposed to be that way!

It turns out that the loose glass was due to the fact that the locking clip was not in correctly.  So I put the mounting bracket back in position, tightened the 8mm bolts that hold it in place, and lined up the glass mounting clips.

For re-installation, I decided to use the hole on the bottom of the mirror housing and get the locking mechanism to lock that way.  This seemed like the way to do it since it was not installed correctly previously. 

This definitely did the trick, the glass is now mounted properly and it stays where you put it.  No more flopping around in the housing.

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