Porsche 944 Gauge Cluster Electrical Cleaning

These stupid gauges on this 944!  Now the fuel level gauge is not working properly, so the two gauges on the left side of the cluster are just not functioning properly.  I tried to fix the fuel level sender in this post, but it was good and registering properly but the gauge is now not working right.  When the fuel level gauge does work right, the temperature gauge does not.  I’ve done a lot of work to try and get that functioning as well but have had little success.

I’ve finally gotten this resolved!  The trick was to clean the contacts in the actual cluster itself.  I believe that I have done this in the past but this time I took my time and cleaned everything.  You need to remove the cluster to get to the contacts, this is the process:

Pull off the horn pad by pulling on the sides of the pad.  This should pop right off.

Remove the steering wheel.  There is a 24mm nut that is holding it on, use an extension on the socket to get to it.  Make sure the wheel is straight when you pull it off, and take a picture of it so you know the exact position when you put it back. 

Remove the steering wheel.

Now you will need to remove the plastic trim piece for the vents and dashboard.  There are a couple of screws that will need to be removed in order to take this off.  Their locations are below.

Two In The Left Side Vents
One On The Right
Left Side Screw Under Dash
Right Side Under Dash
Three On Top Of Dash

Once the dash trim piece is removed, the cluster will be exposed.  You will need to remove the four screws that are holding the cluster in place.

Left Side Of The Cluster
Right Side Of The Cluster

You will then need to remove the electrical connections in the back.  There are three of them and they have plastic clips that keep them in place.  Be careful with the cluster, you do not want to damage the electrical connections.

Locations Of Electrical Connections

Once you get the cluster out of the dash, you will want to go and get yourself a good ole fashioned #2 pencil with a nice eraser.  Use the eraser to clean off the electrical connections in the above picture.  I just used it like a kid would and scrubbed right across the connections.  They were definitely dirty and you could see the eraser getting black.  I did the best I could here.

Remove the nuts that are holding in the electrical connections for the actual gauges. 

Pull out the connectors.  Once the nut is removed, you will be able to pull these connectors straight out.

Now, use the eraser to clean the connections that are on the blue electrical paper.  Do the best you can, be careful not to break the blue paper.  This is probably pretty fragile and brittle at this point since it is over 30 years old.

I also used a wire brush to clean the connectors themselves.  The wire brush worked really well but I would not use it on any connections connected to the blue paper.

Once you are satisfied that the electrical connections are clean and will work properly, go ahead and re-assemble the cluster and dashboard.

This resolved my gauge issues, it’s been over 2 weeks now and they are working.

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