Nurburgring – Grand Prix Strecke

Ran the K&N series first this week, It was at Kansas motor speedway.  I did my normal practice routine.  I ran the first 1/2 hour of the practice session when it opened.  I was 19th fastest out of 55+ people registered.  I was put in the 2nd of 3 splits and qualified towards the back in 14th.  I was the 17 car so that was about where I should be.  I managed to stay up within sight of the leaders for most of the race but could not get enough traction through the turns to catch up to them.  I was always able to see them but as the laps ticked by and my tires were fading, they moved ever so slightly ahead of me.  At the end i was losing positions and dropped all the way back to 15th.  Then there was a wreck that I was able to avoid and that put me in 11th where I finished.

After practicing quite a bit for the Spec Racer Ford at the Nurburgring Grand Prix Strecke, I finally made it into an official race!  All that practice and I end up racing with a SOF of over 2200!  Whoa, that is a lot of good racers!  I qualified in 6th out of 8 people and was able to keep up with the leaders somewhat in the beginning.  I may have had more success except that I got stuck behind a slower car who was very capable of making his car as big as possible.  I finally got around him and was trying really hard to keep up with the leader; I could see them up ahead and was pushing pretty hard.  I finally pushed beyond my abilities and ended up spinning out into the grass.  I recovered quickly but the leaders were then long gone and I was passed by that slow racer again.  I spent a lap or two trying to get around him without success until I finally got a decent run out of the horseshoe turn and up into the left right sweepers that lead onto the straight.  I got passed him on the first turn but he did not give up and came up the inside.  I thought I was clear but I was not and I came down on him resulting in us both spinning out.  I looked at the replay and I was clearly ahead, he probably should have backed off, but I will take the blame on that one.  I finished in 6th.  At least it was official.

The Mazda race went official!  It only took all week.  However, we know by now that the Nurburgring Grand Prix Strecke is not my best track.  All that and this is a 45 minute race that requires a pit stop.  Great!  I practiced well, and the results in practice were second fastest.  However, when i qualified, i was 13th!  That sucks!  I managed to make my way through the field and work my way up to 9th.  I had a lot of incidents in this race and while I was in the car it seemed they were not my fault, however, after watching the replay, they were all my fault.  I actually even sent one of them a private message apologizing.  That’s how blatant it looked on the replay.  I just didn’t see them and when you are trying to be aggressive and competitive, you are pushing hard.  Oops!  I did manage a 9th place finish in a pretty good SOF so I guess I’m happy with this.  As the SOF gets higher, the competition is much more fierce.  I need more seat time!

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