NJMP Open Kart Practice – March 2017

Ok, so this was the big test.  As you know, last year I hurt my back pretty badly running the kart at Englishtown Raceway.  I was attempting to run all the races that were held there at the club level and failed at my mission.  I took the entire summer off in an attempt to let my back heal but it was all for nothing.  Within 3 laps my back was hurting again and I pulled off and let it go.

If you remember, I attempted to fix my seat to resolve the issue.  I moved the one side up to keep it from hitting the ground while going through the track.  What I now know is that the space between the new hole and the old hole wore away and moved the seat back to the old position.  You can check that out in this post.

So I fixed it and decided to go to NJMP for open practice.  This is how it went.

I arrived on an extremely cloudy day with the threat of rain in the forecast for the entire day.  I went anyway because it was the only day that I had available before the f-series state championship and I wanted to know that my back would be ok before signing up for it.

To my surprise, I was the only one there!  It was like I rented the track all for myself!  The people running the place were very friendly and even helped get my kart off the truck.  I put air in the tires, got the kart running, and off I went.  I ran a couple of laps just to get a feel for the kart again and then stopped.  It was exhilarating!  Those couple of laps were pretty intense after not being in the kart for a couple of months!  Oh yeah, and my back didn’t hurt.

I took a quick break, just to catch my breath, and then decided to just get back out there.  Unfortunately, something was wrong and I had to pull into the pits.  The throttle stop had come loose and I could not get the kart to go full throttle.  I found some loose bolts to fix the issue and resolved my problem in a couple of minutes.  Back out I went!

Fixed Throttle Stop!

This time I ran for a while and when my kart started stuttering, I pulled into the pits.  I found that the kart was just starving for fuel when the tank got low.  So I filled it up with the 2 stroke gas mix and went to head out again…….Oh no!  It won’t start!  I pulled out my trusty battery pack and put the terminals on the battery.  I waited a little while and was eventually able to get enough of a charge to get the kart started again with a little manipulation.  I found out later that the battery was only part of the problem and that there was something else that was causing it not to start, that will come up in another post.

This time I just decided to go out and run the tank dry.  I had filled it all the way to the top and decided that once I had it running I would just run it out of fuel.  Unfortunately I did not get the full video of this last run because I left the camera on when I was working on the kart.  You know how it is, as soon as there is an issue, you focus on that to resolve the problem until it is fixed or your day is done.  However, there is some of the video below, the slow sections are when my visor got fogged up and I couldn’t see.  I would run a lap or two with the visor up to let it clear then put it down and go again.  My times on this last practice session were in the low 44 second range, I even saw a 43.9 before my mychron died due to the battery issue.  I didn’t care; I just kept going till the motor started starving for fuel.  This last practice run lasted awhile!

All in all it was a great day.  I got a lot of laps of practice in and my back was fine.  I was even able to work out the next day, proving that it will not be an issue this time around.  Even though I had to fight through some issues with the kart it still was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for race day!



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