MX-5 cup Laguna Seca

This week was Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, I was familiar with the track layout from other games that I have played in the past so I didn’t really need to learn the track all that much.  This helped me quite a bit when trying to get good lap times.  The summary’s of the 4 races I was able to get in are below.  If you’d rather watch the video, it is also below….

My first attempt at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in the MX-5 cup went pretty well.  The laps were pretty good and I didn’t really go off at all.  I was pretty close to max incident points but I managed to stay legal.  There was pretty good racing in this race and most of it was clean.  I was really trying not to hit anyone!  Unfortunately one guy decided he was going to block me and all the way down the straight he was zig sagging and getting in my way.  I finally was able to get my nose in there and he decided he was going to come down and block me again.  This time I didn’t lift a bit and let him come down on my car, He ended up sailing into the inside wall while I watched him get pit maneuvered across the front of my car!  I guess I had enough of him!  I was then focused on the car in front of him which I eventually reeled in and passed, this allowed me to end the race with a 6th place finish!

My second race did not go so well.  I was taken out on the first lap and slammed into the wall.  I was able to get my car around again and into the pits, I made the necessary repairs and got out there again.  I was way behind but resolved myself to just finish the race.  Then I had a moment of forgetfulness trying to let the leaders go by and went off course.  I did no damage and continued.  I was running around in 7th place and eventually lost control and completely totaled the car.  I made it again to the pits and then tried to run some laps, but it was really hard while missing a wheel!  I lost one SR on this race which puts me down to 2.42…..

My third race I went into thinking I just wanted to finish the race with as little incidents as possible.  So I did.  It was a very non-competitive race but I ended up with an SR of 2.60, that’s quite a large jump from the SR that I had previously.  I will get faster as I go along.  My lap times were improving and I can see how I am learning how to drive the car.  I can get it under control when it starts to slide around.  I think I’m going to try another race…..

The fourth race of the week I qualified fourth! While on the grid, I saw a Grip TV car up in 2nd or 3rd Qualifying spots.  I figured those guys were good and if I could get ahead of the rest of the field I could be in a good position to at least finish where I started.  Unfortunately, being in rookies, I was taken out from behind on the very first turn.  Then I was hit in the door.  My car suffered heavy damage but I thought it drove fine so I kept going.  I was actually gaining positions until I got disqualified for ignoring the black flag.  Now I know that I cannot ignore that!

With this week finishing up, I am 2333 in the Championship points standings with 92 points.  I have 6 starts with 2 top 5 finishes!  Also, my Safety Rating has increased to 2.66 which is a good sign considering that after my second race it was down to 2.42.  Next week is Summit Point Raceway, a track I’ve never seen or even run on.  Hopefully I can figure it out quickly and get a good run in.

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