Mount Panorama Circuit – Sim Update

Mount Panorama Circuit.  Wow, what a track.  The turns though the mountains are pretty tough in the Spec Racer Ford.  I ran a few practice laps to get the hand of the track and I thought I was doing pretty well but then I got knocked down to 4th or 5th in the practice session.  Then I was on to the race.  Qualifying went poorly as i could not get a clean lap in and I had to start in the back.  I was the 6 car starting 8th.  The first lap was full of melee with cars being flipped over and such.  This allowed me to advance to 5th position.  That was short lived however since I was passed and put back to 6th.  I was able to run with that guy but had to make way for the guy behind me (he was way faster) and lost some ground on the now 6th place car.  I was gaining on him but then made a few mistakes which cost me the position.  In the effort to try and catch him and finish with my car number, i ended up crashing into the Falken sign and destroying my car.  That was pretty much the end of my race….

I went right for it again the next day.  I liked the Mount Panorama circuit.  It’s quite a lot of fun.  The section through the mountain is really tricky but I am getting the hang of it.  As usual, I got on pretty early and practiced for awhile.  And just like the last race, I could not get a clean qualifying lap in so I was relegated to the back of the pack.  I ended up starting 9th.  In the first lap I was pretty competitive and was battling for 7th when the internet goes in the way and the car in front of me disappeared!  These made me lose focus and I crashed into the wall, getting my car up on 2 wheels and miraculously saving it!  Unfortunately iracing thought it was toast and i had to pit for repairs.  That pretty much was the end of my race.  I did the rest of the race after that and finished in 10th.


The next race I ran was the National Series at Rockingham.  This is an oval and I did my normal practice session and then Qualified.  I qualified in the middle of the pack and then raced my way up into the top 15 finishing 12th.  There was one good incident where I was pit maneuvered and I was able to save it and keep going.  I ended up catching that guy and passing him.  I actually moved up quite a bit in this race.  Starting in the back, getting spun out, and then making my way back up.  I may try to run this again.

The Mazda was the last series that I needed to run.  It was at Mount Panorama and since I was familiar with the track from running the SRF on it twice, I just jumped right into a race.  That may not have been the best idea since the Mazda is much easier to drive and I started pushing the limits pretty quickly.  This resulted in me hitting the Falken wall and damaging the car.  Since it was no longer steering straight, I thought I would pit to get it repaired but the repairs did not fix the handling problems.  I should have stayed out.  I then managed to make my way back up to 9th, after being all the way in the back, only to get over ambitious again and completely wreck the car.  I ended up sitting in the pits waiting for repairs while everyone else finished the race…

I went for it again, this time with practice.  I practiced for 30 minutes before the race and was the 2nd fastest in the session.  Then Qualifying happened and I qualified 2nd.  The start of the race went smooth and I remained in 2nd.  I was trying to keep up with the leader but was unable to.  Then the two guys behind me were able to get around and put me back in 4th.  That is where i stayed.  I was trying to stay with them and was somewhat successful but I got loose on the sweeper before the downhill and slammed the car into the wall.  From there on out I was just trying to maintain position which I was able to do.


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