Missed the K&N……But Ran The Skippy Twice?

So I missed the K&N Series this week, I don’t know why but I did not run it.  I must have been because of the inconvenient times that i was able to run races.  I did however get both of the GT3 races in this week so hopefully i can be official in all my series this season.

First race of the week and it was a doosey!  I decided to run the IMSA race first since it was the only one I wasn’t able to get in last week.  This was my first race that was longer than an hour and it was in the Audi in a B-class race.  I was having some trouble completing laps in the beginning in practice and kept spinning out on the last turn onto the main straight.  I was also spinning on the last turn, the left coming out of the esses in the beginning.  You know, after that tight little kink in the track.  Then came qualifying, I did not do too well here either and I had some difficulty in getting connected to the race.  My sim crashed and I was left scrambling to get back on.  This was accomplished and I was off and running.  I managed to finish one lap and qualified 15th.  This is a little bit of an endurance race at 75 minutes so it was a race of attrition.  I just kept trying to run clean laps and let everyone else take themselves out.  This kind of worked because I managed to stay clean all the way through until after the pit stop.  Then I had a handful of spins due to lack of concentration and wondering how much time was left.  My loss of concentration was when I flipped to the black box to see.  Other than those two spins, I managed to keep it clean and finish 9th overall and 5th in class.  Not too bad for my second time out in this series!

This week the Street Stock C-Class series is at Rockingham.  I managed to get on with about 5 minutes of practice for this track.  Then we went into qualifying.  I managed to qualify in 7th position and run a couple of more laps to get the hang of the track in this car.  I really like this track actually.  I was keeping up with the lead pack running around in 8th after the start of the race and then the 1 car got overzealous and ended up hitting the 11 car which came up the track and hit me into the wall.  This damaged my car a bit but there are cautions in this race!  So I pitted with everyone else and got my new tires and my steering slightly back to normal, I got back out on the track and found that turning left was pretty difficult.  It required a lot of input to get the car to turn.  I did finally end up getting used to it but I was slow and could not catch the lead cars.  I managed to squeak out a 7th place finish.

OK, now this week the Blancpain series was at Road America.  On week 1 it was at Road Atlanta but I labeled it as Road America, whoops!  I did not get any real practice time in for this race and then I had a problem qualifying.  So I started all the way at the back of the pack in 27th position.  This was just a battle to see how many spaces I could gain by trying to run clean and keeping the pace.  I managed to finish 19th in a very uneventful race for me, except for the collisions in the beginning before the race even started!  Somebody lost focus and crashed into the person in front of them creating a pile up.  I managed to avoid that and passed a whole bunch of people right in the beginning.  Then there was a spin on lap two that I had due to evasive maneuvers and that put me back to last.  I then just drove as clean   and fast as I could and made it up to 19th.  There were 3 cars battling at the end that I was gaining on but I ran out of time!

The Skip Barber series was at Road Atlanta this week and I really like this track.  I got the full practice in and I was running really good laps, super fast and consistent.  Then I got into qualifying.  I don’t know if the track conditions changed or what but I was no longer getting that good run out of the esses and I qualified in 13th.  I have a knack for qualifying for my car number.  I ran really good in the race, passed some people, got passed and was running really good till I lost it on the first turn and slammed into the wall.  I was up to 8th position at this point and I required a tow.  How unfortunate, this put me all the way back to 13th where I finished.

I am cursed with the skippy!  I ran Road Atlanta again because I feel that I am pretty good at that track but I qualified back in 9th while being the 3 car.  I was not too concerned with that because I knew I had a few bad qualifying laps but then I got to racing.  I managed to race my way all the way up to third and I was catching the 2nd place car.  I was really excited and having a great race and then disaster struck.  I was really fast through the back chicane in this car and I mashed the gas trying to get a good run on the 2nd place car, I had a great run and was catching him quick and then I hung a wheel off the track and around I went, backed it up right into the wall.  Fortunately for me I was right near the pits and I went in for my fast repair.  I got back out on track in 9th position and moved my way up to 6th.  Not the 2nd or even 1st I was hoping for but I guess I’ll have to take it.  You may see me run the skippy a third time…..

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